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Maternity Photographer 
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Maternity/Pregnancy Photoshoot in Delhi​

Pregnancy portraits are a wonderful way to remember the magic of your pregnancy. I would love to help you capture this beautiful, special time in your life at an affordable price. Pregnancy photography is a fun way to remember how big, or small, your bump was and it’s something precious to show your child in the future. We can set up a pregnancy photography session to suit you, your style and your comfort, either at our studio or on location throughout Delhi NCR. Outdoor pregnancy sessions can create stunning images, or if the studio is more your style we can create beautiful, stylish studio protraits for you to treasure.

The best time for your pregnancy photo shoot is in months 7 and 8, however this depends entirely on you and your comfort levels as each pregnancy and bump develops differently. I usually avoid Month 9 because you never know when the baby will decide to make an early appearance. If your client is a first-time mother, you could more comfortably choose a date in Month 7-8. If your client has already had a child, then it would be safe and go with Month 7.

Give me a call and book now to make sure you are booked in time. 

If this isn’t your first pregnancy your other children are more than welcome to join in with your maternity photography session. As an experienced photographer, I know the best ways to capture the beauty of your pregnancy and the love within your family. I will guide you through poses either in a studio, on location, or both! My main
priority is your comfort and making sure I capture those beautiful bump photos for you. 




This is different for each and every client. The point of the maternity shoot is to bring emphasis on ‘the bump’, so the bigger the better! That being said, you should do the maternity shoot when you are still feeling comfortable in your skin. Most shoots are done at around 32 – 34 weeks / 7-8 month, but we can do it as early or as late as you like!


There are two options here.
1 – In the first 5- 10 days, to capture the newness, and all of your baby’s precious little features. The perfect, ears, toes and fingers in all their glory, which baby is still nice and sleepy and easy to maneuver into all those cute little positions.
2 – At 6- 8 weeks (or even later), when your little darling has learned to smile! They will have developed a little character by now, and still be little enough to be new! They’re still pretty sleepy at this point, but there will be moments of open and closed eyes.

The choice is yours!


Maternity- It’s important to find a location that suits you as a we suggest Hauz Khas village, Deer Park or at our studio.

Newborn- These shoots are best done at your home. That way you have everything you need at your fingertips, and the baby is relaxed in it’s environment. I also get to snap away at the beautiful decorated , and capture you in your own, natural space in a documentary style, rather than being too posed.


For maternity shoots, I always suggest you bring 2 or 3 little outfits that you cannot wait to dress your little one in. Also some little shoes, and any unique little items that you’ve already invested in. Bring some toys/ books/ anything that you may have in your nursery that you really love, and if you don’t know if it’s pink or blue, bring both! 

For newborn shoots, everything will be at our fingertips at your home, and there’s no need to worry about that!


For Maternity Shoots, the shoot will either be early in the morning, or late afternoon. Times will depend on the season.

For Newborn Shoots, it will depend on your feeding times and sleeping times. We suggeset 5-10 days after your little one is born, as by then you would’ve worked out a bit of a routine, and will be able to tell me what time will work best for YOU.

Both shoots are 1 hour long.


Maternity Only- We postpone to the next available date. Plain and simple. We’ll make a call the day before or the day of the shoot, depending on our work schedule.


Our Maternity Photography Package starts from Rs.6500/-(read more...)

Tips on Beautiful Maternity Portraits

1. Location

First, decide on a location that the mother-to-be feels most comfortable in. Some prefer the comfort and privacy of her own home. Some prefer a studio for a more formal vibe. And some are open to doing the photoshoot outdoors. Personally, I prefer using only natural light, so unless their home has a wall of glass and sky lights or there is a hail storm, I will almost always choose an outdoor location.

2. Timing

Try and schedule your maternity photo session in your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. Your belly will have a nice round shape during this time frame, perfect for taking photographs. If you’re counting by weeks, schedule your session when you’re around 30 weeks pregnant. If you take maternity photos after your eighth month of pregnancy, your maternity might be uncomfortable. You want to avoid taking photos when your belly feels too heavy, usually after 35 weeks.

3. Wear something tight and stretchy

Tight, stretchy clothes will best accentuate all your great curves. We recommend fitted tank tops in solid colors. "Skip the florals, plaids, and checks,I stress. "You want to be able to look back at these pictures in 10 or 20 years and still think the photos look great. Whereas really stylized clothes can get dated, solid darks and neutrals are timeless."

4. Find a professional photographer.

You want someone you feel comfortable with and will have fun around taking your picture. You can take images at home, or get them done by a friend or family member. But a professional photographer can create a work of art, taking into consideration the best angles, lighting, effects, focus and depth – they can totally transform what would otherwise be just a shot of you, into a story, a feeling, a work of art. Great photos make great presents too! Read more....

5. Maternity Poses for MOM

  • Belly Profile
  • Peeking
  • Sitting
  • Silhouette


Directly after the introduction of a baby, most energized families will convey a whirlwind of pictures in the fresh debut for remembrances and to safeguard valuable recollections. Be that as it may, the nine months driving as much as the blissful occasions ought not be above looked. Pregnancy pictures might be an awesome thing to demonstrate the youngster when they are mature enough to comprehend the hugeness of what the photographs speak to. Despite the fact that that reason is sufficiently huge all alone, these photos are in like manner a significant expansion to any relatives collection. The couple has a record of about the most interesting events throughout everyday life and, notwithstanding, everyone may have a well-meaning insult exactly how colossal with adolescent mum genuinely progressed toward becoming. 

Pregnancy photographs can start when mum knows she is pregnant. Pictures that traverse the whole nine months are an amazingly correct record on the being pregnant excursion. Family and companions, particularly the individuals who live far away will love to see the progressions for themselves with customary picture refreshes. As the having a child advances it may be amusing to try different things with various points, lighting, and highly contrasting film. Some new mums even contract a specialist picture taker to have a few photos of higher high caliber. 

It truly is sad to discuss pregnancy pictures without specifying the underlying ever photographs of the new tyke. Obviously these are the ultrasound pictures that a considerable number of mums are given at around the 20-week point when many specialists have the test out requested. In spite of the fact that doing its activity of investigating the tyke's advance and looking for any issues most ultrasound lab professionals are cheerful to print out a two or three the pictures as they along for mother. Pleased mothers and fathers are scandalous for demonstrating these pictures off in the working environment, to great companions, and some have even appeared in the family occasion card. 

Choosing to empower pregnancy photographs for being taken through the work and dispatching some portion of pregnancy is an individual choice. Some new mothers need each second of this astounding background recorded; other individuals feel it can be a work time that ought to be kept private. For the individuals who need that kind of having an infant photographs, one of the better conceivable outcomes is for the most part to request that father take them or potentially her mum or other chaperon. Father may wish to be much to a greater degree a bit of the cheerful dramatization that encompasses the introduction of an adolescent. 

Being pregnant pictures are a decent method to everlastingly save the recollections of this particular time. They make for colossal stories in later years and give the kid a feeling of acknowledgment from an early age.


Maternity photography

Sandeep's beautiful maternity photos capture the beauty and intense emotion of this special time. Pregnancy is a life-changing experience, and these invaluable memories are captured as art with Sandeep’s beautiful maternity photography.

With over a decade of experience, Delhi NCR maternity photographer Sandeep specializes in fine art studio photography and lifestyle maternity photography. Sandeep has gained a reputation as an esteemed maternity photographer. His maternity photography celebrates the voluptuous curves and natural glow of pregnancy.

Maternity photographer

Sandeep’s photos are infused with the excitement and anticipation of pregnancy. Maternity photography clients love his attention to detail, and his maternity photography focuses on the shape, shadows, and emotions of pregnancy. Most importantly, his photos capture the joy of motherhood, and the special bond between parents and child.  Delhi  Maternity photographer Sandeep does his sessions in-studio, or on location.  Each setting offers its own unique lighting and mood.

A new baby coming into a home is no doubt going to receive a lot of love. I always try to include photographs that focus on the strong bond between mom and dad, because bringing a new child into the world with someone you love is, without a doubt, love in its purest form. As a maternity photographer in DELHI, that is my ultimate goal.

Photo Shoot Information

Shoots are available on select weekdays and most Saturdays, depending on my schedule. Most sessions take place in outdoor or studio in Safdarjung Enclave - South Delhi

Your ideas are important to me, so please feel free to ring me before coming to the shoot if you’d like to chat through some creative options or discuss what sort of clothing to bring. I value input from parents and love it when they arrive with armfuls of clothes, toys and props and brimming with ideas.

All fees are payable when booking your shoot. 


When it comes to on-location – maternity, baby, and family portraits – the most frequently asked questions are:

“Do you have any suggestions for a location?”
“Do you have any recommendations for great family portraits?”.....read more

  Studio Maternity Shoot

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Giving back is very important to us and we offer 15% discounts to teachers and army personnel to say "Thank You" for you work.

Beautiful Maternity Photography in Delhi

Pregnancy Photos can be a fantastic way to capture the joy of your pregnancy and this very special time. I believe that the best time to show off your baby bump and get the best maternity photos is between 28 and 32 weeks. The belly is nice and high, round and optimal for a great maternity photoshoot.

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​This fee covers:

  • Time and talent of the photographer (only soft copy)
  • One Location only
  • 2 hr custom photo shoot in Deer Park & Hauz Khas Village | Lodi Garden only
  • All RAW data
  • 30 color corrected
  • Color enhancement only on selected pictures (read more.....)

For full pricing and to know more about other packages, please e-mail me at todreamwork@hotmail.com 

 Reasons To Have Pregnancy Photography

Have you ever sat back and thought about your story? Where you have come from and where you are going? 

​There are so many things to think about when you are getting ready for baby. I'm biased, sure, but as a photographer, I think you should consider adding maternity photos to that list.

​More and more pregnant women have been hiring professional photographers to capture their image in the last month or two pregnancy. Things have gotten very creative. If you're wondering whether you should do it, here are some reasons I think maternity sessions are great.

1. Celebrate your pregnancy

Many women say they feel their best during pregnancy. Whether or not you love how you look, a professional photography session will make you feel beautiful.

2. Honor the foundation

When I photograph expectant couples, I like to ask how they met. It is fun to watch—and photograph—as they reminisce. Pregnancy is a time to reflect on the journey that led you to become a family in the first place. And whether this is your first child, honoring the foundation on which your family has been built is an important, and wonderful, thing to do.

3. Pause a moment in time

A new baby brings many changes. Life as you know it will never be the same. So, take some time to capture the way things are right now. It's probably been a while since you had any family photos taken. This is the perfect opportunity to get up-to-date images of your family before it is altered.

4. Capture the anticipation

Pregnancy is such an exciting time. Down the road, you might forget what it felt like to be expecting. Capture those emotions so you can look back on them with fondness.

5. Involve siblings

A maternity photo session isn't just about the expectant mom and dad. If you have other children, let them be part of the fun. They may be excited or struggling with the idea of a new addition to the family. During a maternity session, I like to make older siblings feel special. Have the focus be on them for a few moments. I also encourage them to interact with the baby. That's how I got this sweet moment—big brother singing a song to his baby brother.

So how did you document your pregnancy?  Mom and Dad to be please contact me for maternity session +918377987906

This is such a short but unique time in your lives. I love capturing the beauty of an expectant mother. I look for beautiful locations and natural moments. It’s not so much about posing, but about finding the moments that are honest and easy for you. I feel so grateful that I get to connect with people and preserve their memories.I  keep sessions relaxed  and easy going….it’s really not a big deal…but loads of fun!

Please get in touch and I can tell you all about how it works and when is the best time etc. +918377987906


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