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What is Pre-Wedding Photography?

Importance Of Pre-wedding In Wedding Photography
What is Pre-Wedding Photography?

A pre-wedding shoot, is also known as an engagement shoot, is a photo shoot that is done before a few months from the wedding day. Pre-wedding photography is trending among the couples these days.  As we know pre-wedding photography comes from Asia and now it’s become popular all over the world. Some couples think it’s a waste of money and has no use at all. Well, on that case, they might be wrong. 

Why Pre-Wedding photoshoot is important? 

  • A pre-wedding photoshoot helps the couples to be frank with the photographer and also to the camera.
  • If you are a shy person then this session will help you to overcome your camera phobia.
  • Pre-wedding photoshoot allows you to be yourself.
  • The pre-wedding shoot is the time where you can build a connection with your pre-wedding photographer.
  • As a couple, you can tell him about your wedding photography ideas and also you can understand his photography style. This can help you to capture your love story more beautifully with the eye and lens of the photographer.
  • Pre-wedding photos can be used in your wedding invitation or as a slideshow on your engagement  and also on wedding reception.

Pre-wedding photography is must on every couples checklist. Pre Wedding photoshoot done by our experienced and professional photographers. 

Nowadays, pre wedding shoots have become a necessity for most. 

Pre-wedding shoot tips and advice – when should you book?

I contact most of my couples up to 6 months (sometimes even earlier) before their actual wedding day and leave it up to them to pick their favourite time. You may be totally in love with a fresh crisp Spring vibe. Or maybe you would rather wait for a golden summer sunset. Maybe you prefer the beautiful colour palette Autumn has to offer. Or you’ve got your heart set on some gorgeous snow shots. Whichever season you choose – one of my top pre-wedding shoot tips & advice is to go for the best possible light. If at all possible go for sunrise or sunset. Your photographer should be able to recommend some great locations, or maybe you already have a particular spot in mind (where you first met, or somewhere you go often as a couple, your first picnic spot, where he proposed, a gorgeous hill walk or a beautiful beach, etc.).

Casual or dressed up?

If you’ve been dreaming about buying that gorgeous flowey red dress for an absolute age and this sounds like the perfect opportunity to get it and show it off – do it! There are tons of inspirational posts like this one over on Pinterest, just have a good look around. The only thing I’d suggest you do is that you both kinda match. If you’re wearing that gorgeous red dress and your other half is wearing a neon green shirt – that might not work so well. Or if you’re really glammed up and he comes along dressed really casual – that might not look so great either. Neutral earthy colours and pastels work quite well together but whichever outfit you decide on – I’m sure you’ll both look awesome!

Don’t overthink things!

It’s totally normal to not feel comfortable in front of the camera. And of course we all worry about what we look like in photos (I used to really hate my nose. Until I realised that if I love the photo because I look ridiculously happy I couldn’t care less about my nose really :)) I always find that the couples who don’t take things too seriously have a better time and it really shows in the photos. I tell all my couples before the session that I want them to focus on each other, not me. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just make the most of it. Big smiles, lots and lots of eye contact and lovely tactile moments like holding hands, hugging, just being close to one another is all that matters. Extra points for really creative dance moves and lifts.  

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In my experience, couples should go for a pre-wedding shoot. They feel a lot more relaxed, comfortable and confident about the photography on their wedding day after their pre-wedding photo shoot. I totally understand that you may feel a little nervous about doing a pre-wedding shoot. But trust me – it’s a totally worthwhile investment of your time! 

Our Basic Pre wedding package starts from Rs. 8000 onward.

Nowadays, the average price of a professional pre wedding photo shoot starts from Rs. 10,000. For some photographers the cost depends on the time of work. 


  • Up to 4 hours photography coverage (outdoor)
  • Unlimited photos 
  • Slide show
  • 30 Image Editing 

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations

I adore clients who have their own pre wedding photography idea and I have to implement it. These people often have a plan and a place where a photo shoot should take place. So be sure to reserve these paid location in well advance and find out the hours in which you can catch it with a minimum of visitors. Outdoor is again a good choice, if you don’t want to spend on these paid locations. 

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