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What Is Wedding Photography?
A wedding is typically one of the most memorable times in a life, one that we remember for years to come. For most couples, regular pictures just will not do. Choosing who will photograph your wedding is your own style decision—same as like picking your wedding dress or wedding theme or location.

Wedding photography involves taking photos of wedding ceremonies and participants. However, professional wedding photographers realise there is much more to wedding photography than just clicking a pictures. When our professional wedding photographers press that shutter button they keep in my mind that photographs needs to be so trendy that when you look at your wedding albums in 20 years, all you see is something that instantly dates your wedding. Here are shots that are totally now -- but will still look current when your kids get married!

The main photographs are often the ones that are of the groom and bride, and the remainder of the wedding party. Topics in many of these photos are often meticulously posed. Candid shots are also taken at weddings also, such as pictures of the little girl dancing on her dad's feet or the bride smashing cake in the groom's face. These kinds of shots are sometimes the most treasures.

Besides photographs of people, photos of inanimate objects are also taken at weddings. Some of the most commonly photographed items include the wedding venues, bride & groom wedding dress, jewellery, decor, rings.

During the first meeting, the wedding photographer and customers will discuss the details of the wedding and what sorts of photos the customers would like. Basically, the photographer should find a feel for his client's style.

Wedding Photography Styles :

  • ​Traditional Photography : It's a formal style of wedding photography with lots of direction from the wedding photographer. Ib a simple word, this style is like the ones in your parents’ wedding album, classic images are those that stand the test of time—striking, gorgeous and a bit formal.

  • Candid Photography: Candid photographs are the heart of a wedding—they're the pictures that take you back to the feeling and magic of that special day.” best candid wedding photos taken by our best photographers in Delhi.

  • Lifestyle Photography : It’s candid. However, done with some direction —it has an approachable feel and a relaxed result. A good wedding photographer will look for moments but also set the stage.

After these plans have been discussed, the wedding photographer will usually scout out the venue before the wedding. If possible, many photographers will usually stop by the venue several days or weeks before the actual wedding day.

On the afternoon of the wedding, a wedding photographer is frequently one of the first ones to arrive. Typically, he'll bring a minumum of one helper or additional photographer with him to help. These additional professionals may be responsible for anything from carrying equipment to shooting photos.

The very first wedding photos are taken prior to the actual wedding begins. These photos often include shots of the dress, the bride getting ready, and the groom waiting with his groomsmen. If time allows, many photographers will even present and take members of the wedding celebration.

A number of photographs will also be generally taken during the wedding ceremony . Obviously, wedding photographers will also usually get shots of one of the most crucial moments -- the newlywed's first kiss.

Couples will normally have the photographer stay for the reception as well. Here, he'll usually take photos of the tables, gifts, and cake. Classic pictures of the bride throwing the bouquet and the father-daughter dance are also taken right now. He will also take a few candid shots of the wedding party and guests enjoying themselves.

A wedding photographer's job doesn't end after the wedding ceremony and reception, however. In an average wedding, every photographer will generally take hundreds or perhaps thousands of photos. Out of all these photos, just a small percentage are still usable. A wedding photographer will typically only pick the best pictures, discarding ones which are out of focus, dull, or just generally unacceptable. Some photos may also need to be retouched. Then, he'll usually assist the newlyweds select the best possible photographs of their special day.