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My name is Sandeep Kashyap, and I’m the man behind DREAMWORKPHOTOGRAPHY. I’ve been shooting weddings from past 1 year! on my own. To date, I’ve shot seven weddings. I’m learning something new every day, it seems. I'm famous when it comes to maternity & birthday party photography in Gurgaon, but working to establish as a brand in Wedding Photography in Gurgaon.

There are tons of people like me, trying to get into wedding photography, or people pushing through their first year “in the business.” Breaking into this industry is difficult. Staying in it is even more difficult.

During earlier stage I was convincing parents, family & friends to give me an opportunity to shoot them. One of my friends was getting marry agreed to let me capture the moment he asked her to marry him. On these early shoots, I was with poses & composition. I’ll be honest, the results were amateur, but the consequences of failure were minimal as these were family &  friends and not-paying. So, they can't complain but I was learning….a lot!

After a few months of experimentation, I was ready to shoot weddings, but had no idea where to start. I didn’t have a wedding portfolio, no second shooter experience, and no leads.  How would I convince someone to let me shoot their wedding if I had never shot one? 

I decided I was going to offer free pre-wedding photo shoot in Gurgaon to whoever would accept them. I drafted a post & ask family & friends to spread a word. I had been into photography for about 5 years, wanted to make the switch to wedding photography, and would be willing to provide free pre-wedding photo sessions in exchange for the experience of learning to shoot couples. I outlined how long the session would last, how many edited photos I would deliver etc.

Within two weeks got 2 free pre-wedding photography session. I treated each one as a paid. Went to Sadar got props,  discussed photography themes & dresses they need to carry & informed them I'll be using photos from the shoot for my promotion on social media. Got the confirmation on e-mail. Photo session happened in Tau Devi Lal Park, Gurgaon.  It took me 4 hours but result was wow! they were happy I was happy.

​These free pre-wedding photo shoots are also important as most of the couples had yet to choose a wedding photographer. By doing such you are provided an opportunity to make a lasting impression regarding your professionalism, character, and personality. You are given a chance to close the deal with an awesome pre-wedding photography session.

​I’ll be honest, I was not nervous about shooting a wedding with no experience. May be I was new to Wedding Photography but not for doing photo shoot. I was confident in my abilities and had studied and practiced hours upon hours. I had a second photographer, my wife, so even if I slipped for a second, I knew someone else was taking photos.  This approach may not be best for some photographers, but it worked for me.  Some will suggest you must be a second shooter at weddings then step up to the pros. Being a second shooter was not an option available to me, and I was not going to delay my dreams of becoming a wedding photographer because my path was not the one others deemed appropriate or “right.”  

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