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Your wedding is one of the most important times of your life. This can be the day when you begin a new journey together with the one that you love and vow to devote the remainder of your lives together. Your families come together to celebrate this marriage and bless you with their love. This is the time when emotions will run high and new connections will be shaped. This is one of the days that ought to be remembered forever. Believe me, a professional wedding photographer is one investment you will never regret making. Your wedding ought to be recorded perfectly, with lovely minutes made immortal by a photographer and his camera.

In "Dreamwork Photography", our motto is to help you have the wedding of your dreams, & that includes every moment captured so you can cherish them forever. Shooting weddings is our passion and full time job. We are aware of the significance of your wedding and each of the sentiments connected to it. Have a look at our job covering the intricacies and customs of Indian weddings, and also get in contact with us if you'd like us to become part of your superb journey.

When you look through your wedding album, you pass down to your own kids or some digital gallery you have shared on Facebook, you're going to have the ability to recall everything the songs that played while you danced for the first time as a married couple, the look your parents gave you when they saw you in your wedding dress for the first time, the tears on their eyes (and yours too!).

We as your wedding photographer can able to give you something that other vendors just can’t, and that’s why investing in "Dreamwork Photography" you’d totally hang out with in real life is worth it.

Wedding Photographers in Shimla

You want that "most special day in your life'' to be captured in a wonderful way and you want that new chapter to be embedded in your memory, what better way to do that than to entrust the matter to Dreamwork Photography Wedding Photographers in Shimla. We will capture those beautiful and precious moments for you personally, just the way you want.

We realise how important a day is to you and will go the extra mile to make it totally ideal.

Our quality and professional staff are meticulous and we make sure we don't overlook anything that happens this time. We capture those moments of light, moments along with the severe, the mayhem and the confusion so you can relive the scenes one for yourself, long after the wedding is over. Our Wedding Photographers in Shimla  will make every moment unique and truly memorable.

Your wedding will be photographed from all angles and covered in the most satisfying way possible. From jewellery and makeup to beautiful clothing, from the smiles and furrows of your visitors to the decorations around you, you can be sure that our photographers capture everything in the simplest possible way.

The Wedding Photographers in Shimla for you!

FindingWedding Photographers in Shimla can be simple, but finding the best ones that move according to your needs is not! That's where Dreamwork Wedding Photographycomes in. Weddings are about family and friends, rites and rituals, you and your partner, and the promises you make to each other. It is necessary to capture these moments in this way so that they are suspended in time.

Our Wedding Photographers in Shimla are specially tuned to all the subtle nuances that emanate from different rituals and purposes, typical of each culture. So, regardless of the regional or cultural background of the wedding, we at Dreamwork Photography we know what is important and what needs to find a place in the images.

Our wedding photos speak for themselves

Wedding photography has become a passion for many and an obsession for a few: we take notice and click on the images with this in mind. Our photos speak for themselves a lot. Each wedding is unique and it is that "singularity" that finds its way in all our photos. Every job is new to us with new challenges, new twists and turns, and every time we rise to the occasion.

Trust us with your own wedding photography and we will make sure that your wedding day retains that special flavour that will last a lifetime and beyond!

​​​​Best Engagement Photographers in Shimla

best pre wedding photographers shimla himachal


 Sandeep is one of the best wedding photographers in Shimla, Himachal. The only artwork interests him is photography. He's famous for his creativity in capturing the real character and minutes of the events such as pre wedding photography and candid wedding photography. Sandeep is a founder of Dreamwork Photography and his specialist staff are cognitively skill full and express their attribute in capturing and freezing your special moments as they deserve to be-- uniquely, frankly and exquisitely.

For Sandeep it's not wrong to say, that he eat, sleep, drink photography. It is something which comes natural to him. His creative mind and professional palms behind the camera have created magic in freezing romantic and soulful moments that come in lifetime of families and couples. Be it pre wedding, candid or wedding event, he brings a unique blend of innovative thinking and thought process to provide personalised and distinctive craftsmanship in his photography.

For him, photography is not simply to take images like every other photographers do, but to take pictures like you deserve, and how you want. The major focus always remains on delivering quality to your utmost satisfaction. This is something which is not compromised. His work speaks volumes about his imagination behind each shot he chooses.

A lot of his clients value his work not only for his creativity and professionalism, but for the sort of simplicity and comfort he brings to catch heavenly moments just like they should be. He's one of the few best professional photographers in Shimla.


Dreamwork Photography is the premier Wedding Photography and Videography Service provider in Delhi covering weddings in Shimla/ Una / Kangra / Gurgaon/ Noida/ Himachal.


Pre-Wedding Photography

Importance Of Pre-wedding In Wedding Photographer paragraph here.

Are you planning a short-notice, small wedding or elopement during Covid19 in Shimla, Himachal?

Weddings across Shimla, Himachal and across India have been on hold due to the coronavirus lockdown. But some couples don’t want to wait to be married. They are planning to chose to swap their big fat weddings for small weddings. Most of the couples are rushing for a small ceremony with their photographer, some close friends, and family in the near future. Shooting an elopement or mini wedding event is a wedding photojournalist’s dream: a fairly open schedule with lots of breathing space for creativity – just the photographer, the couple, the officiant, and perhaps a few select companions. 

​​Wedding Pictures

According to wikipedia : Wedding photography is a specialty in photography that is primarily focused on the photography of events and activities relating to weddings. It may include other types of portrait photography of the couple before the official wedding day, such as a pre-wedding engagement session (photographs are later used for the couple wedding invitations). Wedding photography is a mixture of many other photographic genres. It includes portraiture, family and group photography, documentary, candid photography, event, and close-up images. It even includes landscapes and interior too. This is especially true if the location is particularly beautiful or important. 

In my words: I can say with an over 4 years experience in wedding photography that wedding photography is my honour and passion. I've photograph the most breathtaking weddings out there. It is an art that was gifted to me and I take pride to return to a couple on their wedding day. A day that the bride has been dreaming. It is a day that we will see father, mother and sibling cry. It is a day that will never happen again. Our photographic images are how we remember. Wedding photographs should say as much as they can about the couple, about who you are as a couple and as an individuals. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone else’s idea of a perfect wedding photography. Throw away preconceived ideas and let us take some pictures that integrate the location, the season, the ambience, the vibes. Pictures that you can look back on in years to come and think “yes, that was us”. Pictures that your families and friends will look at it and think “yes, that’s so them”.

Capturing your personality and how you were feeling on your wedding day is way more important than recreating someone else’s Pinterest board of wedding portraits. We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come. ​​ ​​


Wedding is one of the best moment of anyone life. Every want to capture best moment of their life in cameras and keep the memories with them.

​​Lifestyle Photography

It’s candid. However, done with some direction —it has an approachable feel and a relaxed result. A good wedding photographer will look for moments but also set the stage.

​​​​​Candid photography

According to wikipedia: A candid photograph is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance. The candid nature of a photograph is unrelated to the subject's knowledge about or consent to the fact that photographs are being taken, and unrelated to the subject's permission for further usage and distribution. The crucial factor is the actual absence of posing. However, if the subject is absolutely unaware of being photographed and does not even expect it, then such photography is secret photography, which is a special case of candid photography.

A candid photograph can be taken in many ways, for example:

  • when the subject is moving,
  • by avoiding prior preparation of the subject,
  • by surprising the subject,
  • by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photographs.

In candid photography photographs are the one that are clicked without staging a scene. Dreamwork Photographers  avoids ‘posing’, and focus more on giving space and ‘space’ where you, your friends & families feel that they can continue being themselves in front of camera. In Indian weddings where everything is polished & perfected – I believe that people relate to an ‘energy’ in photographs – rather than the basic aesthetic. Moreover, some photos are best when they are candid. 

If you're looking for affordable wedding photography package yet awesome, check out my work. We look forward to being a part of your story!​​ ​​

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​Traditional Photography

It's a formal style of wedding photography with lots of direction from the wedding photographer. Ib a simple word, this style is like the ones in your parents’ wedding album, classic images are those that stand the test of time—striking, gorgeous and a bit formal.

Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Shimla | Kangra | Mandi 

Candid Photography – An Art of Capturing Special Moments

​​​​Candid Photography in Shimla, Himachal. Traditional Photography in Shimla, Himachal. Cinematic Videography in Shimla, Himachal. 
Pre-Wedding photoshoot in Shimla, Himachal. Black and White Photography. Drone Wedding Photography in Shimla, Himachal.

Pre-wedding Shoots Photographers in Shimla

Candid Photography 

Candid photographs are the heart of a wedding—they're the pictures that take you back to the feeling and magic of that special day.” best candid wedding photos taken by our best photographers in Shimla.​​


​​​​Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots

A pre-wedding photo shoot, is a photo shoot that usually takes place few months prior to the wedding. There is something inherently beautiful about a pre-wedding shoot. Nowadays, pre-wedding is done in any outdoor location or pre-wedding studios. These. paid location studios have both manmade and natural backgrounds ranging from Greece like backdrop to a picnic spot to a horse ranch among many others. Couples can use props like an old vintage car or a campfire to add that extra flavour to their shoot. These picture destinations are equipped with proper dressing rooms too. Mostly 3-4 locations are more than enough in a day for the shoot. Some of our favourite places include The Perfect Location, Photo Rachna, Tiklibottom,  etc.., as well as some of our fabulous parks around the city. 

In my words: Pre-wedding photography is becoming trendy and it's not fading away soon. Through pre-wedding photoshoot, we get to know the best creative angles, postures and best poses of the couples. It's also a great way to get to know your wedding photographer, have a practice in front of the camera and receive some fun, romantic and creative photos at the end of shoot.  Some couples even choose to send out their pre-wedding shots as invitations, or save the dates. Plus, it’s always a nice to have some pictures from pre wedding shoot to display on your actual wedding day. 

Dreamwork Photography offer creative pre-wedding photo shoot throughout Delhi NCR, across Shimla and Himachal. Earlier, pre-wedding photos highlight a few extremely dramatic photos. However, we try to tell a full story through video and photo shoot. We want to show who you as a couple, and your love story. Some photos can be big and dramatic, while others can be more reserve and subtle, depicting the smaller moments that make-up the fabric your relationship.

We want to make sure that your pre-wedding photo shoot captures your aura as a couple, which is why we aim to make everything as easy as it can be on the day of your session. We’re happy to offer packages that include a full day shoot, hair, make-up, transportation, and pre-determined destinations so that you don’t have to think about any other than looking your best.

If you're looking for affordable yet awesome pre wedding photo shoot. Do contact me. We look forward to being a part of your story!​​ ​​

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Choosing the Best Wedding Photographers in Shimla, Himachal

We know that choosing the ideal pre wedding photographers in Shimla or wedding photographers in Shimla, Himachal is a robust task. Come what may you can't fail yourself while choosing a wedding photographer. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime and one of the most important days of your life and you need a good photographer who can document it all and not miss the small details. The camera is just a tool for capturing the moment, the skill, knowledge and experience is the key to wedding photography. You want to ensure you have an experience wedding photographer who know how to capture the beautiful ambience of your wedding day.

So, hire experience photographer and he will ensure you have a wedding story that will help you relive the emotions and happiness.

Wedding photography is important because it will tell a beautiful story of your special day, a day you will never forget. A story that you can show friends and family, your kids, and grandchildren, something you can treasure forever.  All this planning is for one day only, one day you share this beautiful moment with all your family and friends that you love. Make sure you hold onto those memories and don’t look back and wish you would have hired an experience wedding photographer. It is an investment that you will be glad you made years down the road when you look back through your wedding album reliving those special moments and emotions. At Dreamwork Photography we takes on only a limited number of weddings per year in order to give each couple full attention, so you can feel confident your wedding day day is Sandeep's priority.

At Dreamwork Photography, we believe that images are the building block of an unfolding story. We want to be there with you, on your wedding day, to capture every moment, every look, every kiss, and give you memories that will last a lifetime.

Dreamwork Wedding Photography team will help you tell your unique love story through a beautiful cinematic style wedding video and candid wedding photos. Our wedding photographers will work with you to photograph your special day in a way that shows off your personal style.

Your love story is unique, it’s yours. We understand that and we will work with you to perfectly capture your day, the way you want. We know what beautiful looks like, and we know how to capture it.Wedding photographs are the one thing you walk away with from your big day. Brides and grooms are going through the motions of the day, but think of all the candid moments they miss. Those are the moments that make up their wedding, and that’s why wedding photography is such an important investment. Sandeep is a master at both capturing the love between the bride and groom and the overall atmosphere of their big day. Sandeep have countless years of experience in shooting wedding photography in Delhi - Shimla and across the India. 

If you are looking for pre wedding photographers in Delhi or wedding photographers in Delhi NCR, simply give us a call or whatsapp us on +918377987906

Pre Wedding Photographers in Shimla

​​​​Our Story

Dreamwork Photography: Best Wedding Photographers in Shimla
by Sandeep Kashyap


Thank you! I’m happy that you stumbled into my corner of the web. Hopefully, you’ll stay + take a peek at some photos. The storyteller of emotions could be a good definition of my work. I love photography because it gives us the opportunity to document our lives, our relationships, those fleeting moments that mean everything and for me there’s no single event that best sum up all the emotions we go through, then a wedding. I really enjoy the fact that I can create something that people can love for life.

My first introduction to photography was when I was 17. Dad bought me a Kodak film camera and my interest took off. I became so fascinated by the fact that a camera could capture a moment in a split second in time, that moment could be remembered forever. Process and thought blew my mind! At the time I had no idea just how much my fascination would grow. I got into maternity and that led to wedding photography which in turn led me to run my dream “
Dreamwork Photography.”

The first time I ever took a camera to a wedding I discovered that nothing else would ever be as rewarding to me. I can see natural emotions … happiness, tears, sincerity, fun, craziness – a whole combination of emotion caught in glimpses in just one day. And yeah, it charges me the most. Wedding Photography is a blend of family, fashion, food, beauty, documentary, product, landscape photography, and portraiture all rolled into one. I love the art and magic of photography because it gives us the opportunity to document our lives, our relationships, those fleeting moments that mean everything. 

But what I love most is that my work will last and that these two people will treasure it for life. That’s special!

I’ve seen so many wonderful moments, learned a lot about love, and grown to understand more about myself as well. I feel like I’m exactly where I should be and hope this privilege lasts till the time I can pick up a camera.

I know there are lots of wedding photographers out there. Honestly speaking, I really don’t know much about them, but I know what I’m about and what I do. I love weddings! Why should you hire me? First of all, if a photographer’s work slays you, then, by all means, choose that person. I can think there are lots of reasons, but at the end of the day, I think the most important is if you can imagine yourself in my photography and if you’d like what you see to hang out with someone who thinks weddings are awesome. If the answer is “Yes!” I hope you’ll take the time to get in touch with me.

 I love what I do and this is why it’s always an absolute privilege for me to be invited to capture such an essential day in anyone’s life. After leaving my corporate job. I have been shooting wedding, living in both Himachal & Delhi, I am currently based in Safdarjung Enclave (South Delhi) India.   
My style of wedding photography is best described as creative reportage with contemporary approach. Natural and un-posed – leaving you to enjoy your wedding. I work in a documentary style, capturing moments as they unfold, and as unobtrusively as possible. I document wedding reportage with fun and natural portraits to create an overall picture – the story of your wedding day.

One of the most important things to consider when booking a wedding photographer is firstly you love their images but you must also have a good rapport. Get in touch and let’s start planning your day! shooting.


The Best Delhi Wedding Photographers in Shimla (Kinnaur, Shimla, Sirmaur, Solan) | Kangra (Chamba, Kangra, Una) | Mandi ( Bilaspur, Hamirpur, Kullu, Lahaul and Spiti, Mandi) – available for destination weddings worldwide. Hire the best wedding photographers in Shimla Himachal Pradesh including Kangra, Mandi, Kullu, Kufri, Manali, Jogindernagar, Kasumpti, Sujanpur, Arki, Hamirpur, Palampur, Dalhousie, Chail, Parwanoo, Kufri, Pragpur, Solan, Mandi, Harimpur, Una, Nahan, Bilaspur, Kasauli, Bharmaur, Barog and Jogindernagar are some other cities that we provide our wedding photography services.

We understand how much is your “wedding photography” will mean to you in the years to come. 



I believe that when my clients hire me, they are hiring me for my style and my ability to tell their stories with my lens. Having photojournalistic style means I take the time to create a storyline for my clients that they will be able to look back on and remember. My desire is that my clients will look back on one of the most important days of their lives and joyfully relive each moment. The way I see it, my responsibility is to capture those fleeting in-between moments and document memories with tangible results so that my clients can impart their memories for future generations. Before I press shutter button. I make sure that my approach to every shot is to tell your story. 

Wedding Photographer in Himachal Pradesh (Kangra - Shimla - Mandi)

Choosing the Top Wedding Photographers in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

A wedding is an extremely important event that brings two people and two families together. It is not only a day where a couple expresses their love for one another, but also their commitment to being faithful partners during the ups and downs throughout life. Although people often spend a good amount of time organising a wedding, the big day goes by extremely fast. This is why the job of a wedding photographer is extremely important. It is my job to capture all of the precious moments that couples will look back on and share with friends and family for years to come. I think glancing back at their wedding photos from time to time can help keep a couple’s relationship strong.  

Wedding photo shoot styles 

My photography style is contemporary, it’s informal and relaxed. I record the day as it happens, it is very hands-off and I will remain mainly in the background. and will not be asking people to pose, this style help me capturing the spirit of fun, as well as some of the more formal elements. 

GET IN TOUCH  +91 83779 87906 Call / SMS / or email  

Your event is a unique reflection of you. That’s why WE love getting to know you personally — so WE can tell your story beautifully. Sharing all your event details and details helps me create authentic, meaningful images that reflect the true you. Your unguarded moments and natural emotions. All the cherished images of your very special day. 

Our shooting style is quietly unobtrusive. And my images naturally reveal the expressions of love and commitment that you both share. This is our passion. The heart of what we do. And it shines through in every image. Your wedding day will be filled with extraordinary moments — intimate, surprising and joyous. Those fleeting moments, captured creatively, are the timeless visual heirlooms that will instantly bring you back to the essence of your wedding day. 

Let me tell your story.  

Thank you for your interest in my Photography! Kindly enter your contact details and a short message below including your event details, dates, locations, and timing and I will answer your query as soon as possible. 

+918377987906 / +917217789185 |
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Candid Photography + Cinematic Video


Getting married in Himachal Pradesh? Top Professional Wedding Photographers in Shimla, Kangra, Mandi.

We are Best Candid Photographers in Kangra – Shimla - Mandi Himachal Pradesh , India. 

We have a team of professional photographers in Himachal Pradesh, India . 

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 A kind of photography which is not done with prior arrangements, poses and special set ups is known as Candid Photography. It is very much popular these days, especially, for weddings. Now everyone love the random click.


A destination wedding is an opportunity for couples to celebrate their marriage at a beautiful destination or pre decided location (either groom nor bride or groom location). Couples get married all over the world, in stunning locales like the Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Kashmir, and more.​​​

​​​​Best Pre wedding Photographers in Shimla

Best Professional Pre-wedding Shoots Photographers in Shimla

 Shimla Wedding Photography - Candid & Cinematic Packages‎

​​Forget all your Wedding stress and Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer to capture your D-day! 

Our Wedding Photography Services:

  • Candid Photography,
  • Traditional Photography,
  • Videography, Albums. 

​Why Dreamwork Photography is one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Shimla? 

  • We don't deliver photos or videos, We delivering Happiness.
  • Offer Best Wedding Package Deal.
  • Best Camera Equipments.
  • Best Support & Services.
  • Best Professional Team.


​​For Engagement Photography session in Himachal and in the Kangra, Una & Shimla. Dreamwork Photography focus is always Clean, Crisp, Candid Engagement session.​​



Dreamwork Photography : Wedding Photography Styles

specialise in Pre Wedding/ Wedding/ Maternity/ Photography in Delhi - Shimla.

​​​​​​​​​​​Dreamwork Photography

​  Wedding, Pre Wedding & Maternity Photographer in Delhi - Gurgaon - Noida - Shimla


Best Pre-Wedding Coming Soon - 2020 || R & B || Dreamwork Photography, Delhi

Located in Shimla - Wedding Photographer Capturing timeless memories that you will have for a lifetime! candid, real, romantic photography.


​Shimla | Kullu |Manali | Dharamshala | Kangra | Mandi | Solan | Sirmaur | Una | Hamirpur | Bilaspur | Chamba | Chail | Mashobra 

​​​​Best Wedding Photographers in Shimla

Best Pre-wedding Shoots Photography Studio in Shimla
best wedding photographer in shimla himachal

Shimla Pre Wedding Photos

Destination Wedding Photographer and Pre Wedding Photography Gallery

I put my wedding photography experience into capturing spontaneous moments and unique portraits that tell the real story and stunning shots of your wedding day - to put it simple, I won’t just be sending you many and unforgettable photos of your marriage.

Shimla Wedding Photography

Let us tell your story. Whether you’re having an intimate ceremony with just family or a big fat Indian wedding with everyone you love in the same room, I will capture wedding photos of your love in the way it feels right to you because in the end it’s all about you anyway. Wen it comes to wedding photoshoot, it is wedding photographers skill & experience, and creativity that matter the most. However, there is no denying that camera equipment and camera supplies is very important as well. But we strongly believe that the best photographs are created when the person behind the lens truly understands their subjects, and this is what ensures we do the best candid wedding photography in Shimla, Himachal.

I love the variety that weddings offer - the locations, the characters, the colours of Himachal. My intention is to create pictures that make people smile or cry and remind them how they felt in that moment.

If you think you might like me to be involved in your wedding day please get in touch to have a chat and check availability!

I’m an Awards winning wedding photographer. I tell stories from an artistic eye detailing and capturing genuine emotions and unscripted moments.

We could say we are the antithesis of Himachal traditional wedding photography. I blend into the background and capture images as naturally as possible, putting our vision and style in the frames we make.

Take a browse of our wedding stories to get a feel of our style and approach. My showcase full days so you can view full stories rather than selected favourites.

My passion is wedding photography. Research of the Aesthetics of beauty allowed to fine-tune a well-defined, yet constantly evolving style, based on elegance of shape and light, an interaction distinguishing all my shots.

Our Wedding Photography Services in Shimla, Himachal 

​​​Pre-Wedding Photography |  Candid Photography | Wedding Photography 


Pre-wedding shoots in Himachal Pradesh | Delhi (North India) are really popular but I also travel a lot and have done pre-wedding photography in Himachal Pradesh, Kangra, Una and Shimla.

Wedding Photos Shimla

A few Wedding photos shot at various locations in the Shimla | Himachal

shimla/wedding-photographer-dreamwork photography

​​​​Best Wedding Photographers in Shimla


We photograph people, their relationship & their love. Yes, we are the Best Wedding Photographers in Shimla. Delivering Happiness. Best Wedding Package Deal. Best Camera Equipments. Best Support & Services. Best Professional Team.




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Best of Candid Photography – Dreamwork Photography

​​​​What is Pre-Wedding Photography?

A pre-wedding shoot, is also known as an engagement shoot, is a photo shoot that is done before a few months from the wedding day. Pre-wedding photography is trending among the couples these days.  As we know pre-wedding photography comes from Asia and now it’s become popular all over the world. Some couples think it’s a waste of money and has no use at all. Well, on that case, they might be wrong. 

Why Pre-Wedding photoshoot is important? 

  • A pre-wedding photoshoot helps the couples to be frank with the photographer and also to the camera.
  • If you are a shy person then this session will help you to overcome your camera phobia.
  • Pre-wedding photoshoot allows you to be yourself.
  • The pre-wedding shoot is the time where you can build a connection with your pre-wedding photographer.
  • As a couple, you can tell him about your wedding photography ideas and also you can understand his photography style. This can help you to capture your love story more beautifully with the eye and lens of the photographer.
  • Pre-wedding photos can be used in your wedding invitation or as a slideshow on your engagement  and also on wedding reception.

Pre-wedding photography is must on every couples checklist. Pre Wedding photoshoot done by our experienced and professional photographers. 

Nowadays, pre wedding shoots have become a necessity for most. 

Pre-wedding shoot tips and advice – when should you book?

I contact most of my couples up to 6 months (sometimes even earlier) before their actual wedding day and leave it up to them to pick their favourite time. You may be totally in love with a fresh crisp Spring vibe. Or maybe you would rather wait for a golden summer sunset. Maybe you prefer the beautiful colour palette Autumn has to offer. Or you’ve got your heart set on some gorgeous snow shots. Whichever season you choose – one of my top pre-wedding shoot tips & advice is to go for the best possible light. If at all possible go for sunrise or sunset. Your photographer should be able to recommend some great locations, or maybe you already have a particular spot in mind (where you first met, or somewhere you go often as a couple, your first picnic spot, where he proposed, a gorgeous hill walk or a beautiful beach, etc.).

Want to know more about our “Pre-wedding photography package” contact us.

Our Basic Pre wedding package starts from Rs. 10,000 onward.


  • Up to 4 hours photography coverage (outdoor)
  • Unlimited photos 
  • 30 Image Editing 
  • Wedding invite
  • Photo Slide show

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations

I adore clients who have their own pre wedding photography idea and I have to implement it. These people often have a plan and a place where a photo shoot should take place. So be sure to reserve these paid location in well advance and find out the hours in which you can catch it with a minimum of visitors. Outdoor is again a good choice, if your  don’t want to spend on these paid locations. ​​


I’m a wedding photographer based in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Storyteller of emotions could be a good definition of my work. I love photography because it gives us the opportunity to document our lives, our relationships, those fleeting moments that mean everything and for me there’s no single event that best sum up all the emotions we go through, than a wedding. 
I’m happy that you stumbled into my corner of the web. Hopefully you’ll stay + take a peek at some photos…

Sandeep Kashyap

Best pre wedding Photographer in shimla
Sandeep Kashyap Sandeep has a account Director of Photography at Dreamwork Photography Delhi, India