Where are you based? Will you be able to travel to another city? 
I'm Delhi based Wedding Photographer but love to travel anywhere in India or abroad. 

What's your style of photography? 
We have a very candid style of photography.  

What is Candid Wedding Photography? 
Candid wedding photography is a method of photography that involves shooting the wedding from a journalistic perspective without ‘touching’ the scene in any way. It's more of a different approach to story telling and less of a new technique of photography. No requests to look this side, pose this-a-way or interfere with the ceremony as it happens. When a photographer does this, the moment is lost due to which the emotion is lost and a staged photo is captured.  

Do you take care of traditional wedding photography and videography? 
We have people in our team who do it for Delhi NCR region. However, it becomes costly to arrange for their travel in other cities. Besides these folks are also reluctant on travel many times. In such cases we coordinate with local photographers to work with us so that everything goes smoothly. 

Doesn't candid photography only mean close-ups of people? 
No. On the contrary candid photography covers everything at your wedding. Candid is a style of photography where the photographer doesn't stage the ongoing rituals or ceremonies . 

So does that mean there are no portraits of the couple? 
Couple portraits will be taken after or before the ceremonies at a beautiful location around the venue of the wedding 

Do you'll shoot pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots? 
Yes we do. You can check our work in the Portfolio drop down menu under the Portraits tab. 

Do you offer discounts on your packages. 
Yes, we all love discounts and special packages. You get 10 % discount on the rates for full payment in advance. You get additional 10 % discount if you ascertain the next assignment through your contacts before the date of your marriage. Also, if you book me for a 3-day wedding ceremony then you get discounts on the couple shoot too.  

How many photographers and cinematographers come to the wedding for assignment? 
Generally there are two photographers for most of the big weddings that we have done. Depending on your requirements and budget this number may go up. If we are doing your Wedding film then expect 2-3 people more 

What does a basic wedding photography package include? 
We customize wedding package according to your requirements. Some clients would want a pre wedding shoot, while someone would only want us to cover their wedding functions. From a pre wedding shoot, we deliver around 30-40 edited images from a one day shoot. Similarly, if we are covering wedding events, you can expect around 200 edited photos per function from us. The cinematic videos are again tailored according to your requirement. Recently, our clients have opted from a one minute instagram video, to 4-5 minutes wedding trailers and 20-25 minutes full wedding movie. We also provide physical albums which are a great way to preserve your memories. Do get in touch to know the options we have for wedding albums. 

How early should I book my dates? 
Each booking is based on first come first serve basis. We tend to do a maximum 12 weddings in a year so that we can give each wedding equal and undivided attention.  

How large will be your team at the wedding? 
Each wedding is different so will be the size of the team at a given wedding.  

How long does it take to get my pictures and film? 
As they say, Good things take time, so do our pictures and films. It takes an approximate of 6-8 weeks for photographs and 8-10 weeks for films. But trust us, it'll be worth the wait. 

Can we hire another team for video and/or photography? 
Yes you can 

Do you'll shoot destination weddings? 
Yes we do! We travel all over India as well as abroad if needed, but you'll have to get us there and give us some place to sleep! 



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