• How much does a wedding photoshoot cost in Delhi-Shimla?

    My services do not have a fixed price varies according to the couple and the needs of each client. The starting price is INR 30,000 for Candid wedding photography(excluding travelling & stay)

  • How would you define your style?

    My approach to marriage is a mixture of photo-journalistic, also known as reportage & candid wedding photography. The reportage is characterised by a more spontaneous type of shot where the photographer does not ask the spouses to pose but uses the photographic medium to tell the wedding, leaving them the freedom to live such a special day without further pressure. I also believe that it is artistically interesting to enrich the wedding reportage with couple portraits, which however are not trivial but always elegant and natural.

  • Do you work alone?

    On the wedding day there will always be two of us shooting, this will allow us to always have different points of view and not to focus only on the bride and groom but also on the guests.​

  • ​Will the photographs you deliver be processed?

    Post-production is a fundamental part of my work, that's why I want to take care of it personally. Each photo I deliver will in fact be processed on the computer. However, photo processing should not distort the image but limit itself to enhancing it by working on colours, lights and contrasts.

  • Who chooses the photos that will go into the album?

    The photos that will make up the album will be chosen together. I will send you my first selection and you will decide which of these will go into the album.​

  • What are the waiting times?

    The photographer's work does not end on the wedding day ... quite the opposite! The careful selection of photos, post-production and layout take me a lot of time because I want to take care of everything personally without delegating to third parties. The finished work will be sent to you no later than 3 months from the date of the wedding.

Frequent questions

Hey, I’m Sandeep Kashyap, let me introduce myself and tell few words about my work!

Speaking of wedding photography I’m pretty sure that it’s really important to be focused on natural and emotional shoots, to capture valuable moments, which will not lose their value even after 20 years.

I love photographing weddings from unscripted real-life and prefer emotional photojournalism, fond of shoots filled with atmosphere and leave some space for creative experiments.

Maternity photography is my another passion, I have more than 25 publications in my portfolio, collaborating with major model agencies of Paris, Milan and Moscow.

Text me or call me and I will answer all of your questions!




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  • How soon should I book the wedding photo shoot?

    For weddings on Saturday and Sunday it is advisable to book at least one year in advance. For those midweek you can expect a little longer. In any case, the rule applies: the earlier you book, the better! However, even if the wedding is near, you can always try to see if there is availability, simply by sending an email or calling me. It costs nothing to try!

  • What coverage do you give to the event?

    The coverage of the event is total. It starts with the preparations, the waiting for the groom, the ceremony, some creative portraits up to the end of the reception where I will stop until the royal cake is cut and part of the dances. Of course, any package is customisable, in fact if you need a service of a longer duration than usual, we will study together the solution that is as suitable as possible for you.

  • Do you also take group photos?

    Usually I prefer to focus on the spontaneous moments of the party but if requested I will have no problem taking group photos of you with your friends and relatives.

  • Do you make classic albums or photo books for printing?

    Traditional handmade albums, made in Italy photo books, Fine Art prints and much more. Coming to my studio or visiting the “Album” section of the site, you can choose what best meets your tastes.

  • Do you deliver the originals?

    Yes, when the album is delivered I will provide the processed and high resolution images, so that if one day you want to make prints you can do it without problems.

  • How can I ask you for a quote?

    To request a quote, just go to the contact section and fill out the appropriate form. It is important that you write me as much information as possible so that I can send you a personalized quote created especially for you.