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​As a photojournalist, I will photograph your wedding day without interference. I believe the photographs of your day should be more than your photographer. I will work diligently and discreetly throughout the day to capture powerful images and I will be constantly on the lookout for the slightest movement, smile or detail. I am focused on producing a product of quality rather than quantity and I am focused on capturing the perfect moment. Is it not better to have 300 beautiful photographs of your wedding rather than 1,000 ordinary ones? Each shot will be retouched for a timeless style while paying attention to the atmosphere of your day.

My goals:
Documenting your wedding by creating strong and well composed images.

Photograph in my way all those little candid moments that a lot of people do not see.

Integrate details in the images to better reflect emotions and the ambience of a day.

My assets:

I photograph all kinds of weddings, from the most classical ones to the most original. I am particularly fascinated by the weddings with different cultures and traditions in the background. To share my experience with you, I focus on the menu only on those weddings.

My packages: 

I offer wedding photography packages including album from Rs. 30,000. For further information, please contact me +91-8377987906

Wedding Photographer? 

Rather documentary photographer in the world of weddings… I strive to document all weddings with equal and constant attention, from small and intimate weddings, a few kilometers away from my home, or destination weddings at the other side of the world, or more traditional weddings with hundreds of guests… and whatever is the religion of the bride and groom…

My photographic approach aims to tell a story, your story, or rather the story of this particular day that is your wedding.This story I’ll try to build it with you, your family, friends, families, children… I’ll do it with discreteness, spontaneity, perseverance, and good mood…  And most importantly, I need to feel the trust that you place in me, which gives me the freedom to create images that tell the story of your wedding as accurately as possible.   I will look closely at intimate moments…  And I am aware of the responsibility involved in building a part of your family memories…

  So I will spend time with you. But I will also be where you cannot be that day. I’ll try to be your eyes, so that later these photos become your memory…

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