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What is Digital Photography?

How to Become a Professional Photographer?

If you are considering how to become a professional photographer, you may wonder if there is any way for you to get into this profession. Although it's not as common as it once was, there are some ways to get into the photography field if you are interested in taking pictures and earning a pay check.

If you want to be a photographer, you will need to find a college that offers photography courses. Photography studios typically provide these, and many colleges have photography programs offered through their schools. This means you can study photography from the comfort of your own home and take pictures at your own pace. You don't need to worry about taking classes or sitting through hours upon hours of lectures on how to be photographers because these programs are designed to teach you everything you need to know.

Another way to get into the field of photography is by looking online. There are many resources available online that can show you step-by-step how to become a photographer. They will give you the skills and techniques necessary to take pictures and create photographs that people will pay for. Besides, they will help you to choose the right photography school to get your education. As you can see, the options for people interested in learning how to become photographers are countless. However, you can learn what it takes to become a professional by checking out all of the available information and seeing which ones you feel most comfortable with.


Before we do the deep dive in, why I'm talking about wedding photography?

  • A recent KPMG report estimated India’s wedding market at $ 50 billion, with a rapid annual growth rate.

Each year, crores of Rs are being spend on Big Fat Indian Wedding in Delhi-Gurgaon-Shimla and across India. The huge Indian wedding market regularly considered downturn verification, is assessed to be around $40-50 billion in size, as indicated by a KPMG report a year ago. It keeps on congesting at a pace of 25-30 % yearly. The assessed cost of an extravagance wedding could be between Rs 2 crore to Rs 25 crore every year. The extravagance wedding market is for the most part adjusted by a large group of prominent organizers who accompany thoughts and afterward employ the opportune individuals for the activity, or subcontract the different tasks ­­–from blossom courses of action to amusement. The chaotic market works, you have organizers dispersed across significant urban areas, who employ temporary workers and specialist co-ops, for example, picture takers and providing food organizations.

How the Indian Wedding Industry will Continue to Scale Despite Changing Economic Scenarios

Sanna Vohra, CEO & Founder, The Wedding Brigade.

In 2020, brides are spending spent a mean of $30,000 on a marriage.  Out of this, on average, $2,500 was spent on the photographer and yet another $1,700 on a videographer! All you have to do to grab your piece of this pie would be to find out how to become a wedding photographer in 10 easy steps.Now, we're not permitted to promise you that a BIG CASH INCOME, should you follow these ten easy actions to become a wedding photographer...but just between you and me if you follow these ten simple steps to be a wedding photographer, WE CAN PROMISE YOU A BIG CASH INCOME FROM YOUR NEW WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS!!!! $$**Measure

1: Hire a cheap wedding photographer to your wedding. If you hire an inexpensive wedding photographer for your wedding, you'll receive thousands of mediocre photos -- and most likely the complete resolution copies. This will assure you to realize -- hey if he/she can do so, so can I.You'll also get a sneak peek into how simple it's to photograph a wedding from beginning to finish.If you're already married, you can modify this step by becoming divorced and starting over, or simply by hiring a cheap family photographer to take some relatives.You can find cheap wedding photographers and inexpensive family photographers for a dime a dozen around Craigslist. Or even better, find a Goupon bargain like this!Step

2: Get a decent camera. Everybody understands that the camera you have, the greater your wedding pictures will be. I began my wedding photography career using a Sony DSC-F717 Cybershot, and a slew of people paid me to photograph their weddings with that poor boy!Of course, you can use a cell phone for wedding photography, making adding a few cool filters and uploading wedding photographs to Instagram a whole lot simpler -- but for some reason, clients tend to want to hire a wedding photographer that has a fancy looking camera.That means you can think of a good camera as both advertisings as well as a camera. If you want to maximise your camera's advertising potential, set a big flash and a major lens hood on it as well. The more things you have attached to your camera, the more weddings you will book.You do not wish to invest more on a camera than you did on your mobile phone, so a Canon EOS T3 or some Nikon D3200 are excellent cameras for professional wedding photographers -- and you can get both of them for less than $500 -- and they come with a lens.

3: Visit weddings of friends and family and poach wedding photographs from the actual photographer. If you do not have any friends or family members who are getting married anytime soon, you may visit a church on almost any Saturday afternoon, and the odds are there will be a wedding day. From that point, it is possible to follow the bridal party when they go for wedding photographs, and if you are sneaky enough, you can crash the reception too.What you need to do is stand directly behind the actual wedding photographer and take every photograph. This way, you can get great wedding pictures for your portfolio without needing to do any real work. Do not worry if the wedding photographer uses fancy lights or other fancy appearing equipment -- if you've got a good camera you can shoot decent wedding photos -- only use"P" mode.Just see since most established wedding photographers are genuine assholes, and they don't need anyone new to take the same photographs as them. Just remind them that its a free country and you'll be able to take a photograph of anything you want.A wonderful alternative to Step 3 would be to purchase some wedding stock photos and pass them off as your own -- how easy is that!?

4: Start a wedding photography site and advertise.  Once you have a bit of a portfolio, its time to begin a website and market -- you'll be booking weddings right away!Choosing the perfect name for a wedding photography business can be hard. Just remember that brides love names that say something on your approach to wedding pictures -- so be sure to use something using the phrase"Catch the Moment," "Classic," "In the Heart," "Artistic" or"Treasured." And don't forget to put in your first and last name also.Our you can combine them all into something remarkable like Treasured Moments Wedding Photography From the Heart from JP Danko -- Artistic, Vintage, and Treasured AlwaysAnd don't forget that it also helps to have some very emotional wedding style music on your website also -- Marry You by Bruno Mars or nearly anything from Train are unique options which will work well.

5: Establish your prices really low and find some individuals who can pay you money to photograph their wedding with your"good camera." People enjoy natural light photographers because they take natural photos with natural light, and its nearly impossible to take a bad picture in natural light.This might pose a little problem inside a few churches and in the reception. But fortunately, many churches have beautiful natural light everywhere. If your ceremony photos don't turn out, you may explain that since you are a natural light photographer, the groom and bride should have chosen a church with better natural lighting. Oh, and nothing significant ever happens in the reception, so just forget about those shots anyway.

Step 6: Gradually increase your gift level while gradually raising your rates. Somewhere along the line, you might begin to notice your photographs begin getting better and better. Maybe you will find how to tilt your camera artistically. Or maybe you can invest in some awesome new Lightroom presets -- but in any situation, as your photographs get better, you can start charging more money.

7: Understand that your"good camera" is not quite so great -- invest in a"really good camera." Upgrade to a 5D Mk III (B&H) or a Nikon D610 (B&H).  With a full-frame camera, you can now begin taking photographs with bokeh. You'll want to take photographs of everything with just as much bokeh as possible in every photo -- brides love this. This lens is called the"wedding lens" because it's the only lens you will ever need for professional wedding photography.

8: Understand that it's not the camera. Start reading Strobist and invest in some off-camera flash. I suggest going to the old school with Lighting 101 from back in 2006 and then reading through every article until today.You won't know how to use any of the wild and lovely off-camera flash techniques that you are reading about, but you can exercise at each wedding you picture till you figure it out. Soon you're going to be adding strobes everywhere!Measure

9: Gradually increase talent level, acquire lots of photography gear, slowly increase rates until you eventually arrive as a true-life mid-level wedding photographer. As a true-life mid-level wedding photographer, you'll want to implement some flush mount album, canvas gallery wrap, and giclée fine art print revenue program. It would help if you also thought about not giving away the edited full resolution photograph files.But, alas all mid-level wedding photographers fail miserably at either, so on second, however -- why bother.At some point, you will get sick of the other nagging you to find a real job at Walmart to enhance your standard of living.You will also finally realize that 95% of all other wedding photographers will be direct competition.Now, and only have you completed your training.You're ready for

10: Understand that being a mid-level wedding photographer sucks.  Quadruple your rates and re-brand as a luxury, high-end wedding photographer. Change your business name to your first and last names, followed by"Photography" (JP Danko Photography).  Get a nice clean looking website with a trendy damask pattern backdrop and a lovely hipster emblem. Change your rates and bam -- you are currently a high-end luxury wedding photographer.You are also able to get a sexy assistant to carry your stuff around.Oh, and to be clear, you do not have to take better wedding photos then you're as a mid-level wedding photographer -- you need to charge a lot more money from these.All that stress you'd about the entire resolution photograph files -- forget about it! They are now completely free after your clients purchase a $5,000 album.All that time you wasted moment imagining your pricing structure each time a bride contested your prices -- its in the past. If a couple wishes to employ you today -- it's on your terms!Now all you have to worry about is those smart ass young punks that stand behind you at every wedding and snap the pictures you set up using their damn small drapes and post them to Instagram before you finish setting up your light #MyWeddingPhotosAreBetterThanThePro #ShouldIBeAWeddingPhotog #AmazingWeddingPhotos #NoFilterWill these ten simple steps enable you to begin a fun, glamorous and rewarding ($$$$!!!) Career as a wedding photographer?Is this the key advice that older wedding photographers don't want you to be aware of?What step are you on right now?

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FOLLOW up in the words of Homer Simpson: "Its funny,'cause its authentic."

I was somewhat less cavalier towards my customers then I portray above -- I didn't try my very best to supply them with the best high-quality wedding photographs I was capable of taking in the time.However, what I have come to realise that even though my early wedding photographs sucked, the simple fact is that people still paid me quite a little cash to go out and take them, which I think says a lot about the wedding photography industry in general.More often then not, new wedding photographers can not be bothered to progress past Measure 5, which renders couples paying far too much money for terrible wedding photos that anyone might have taken.On the flip side, I see numerous talented mid-level wedding photographers slug away in the business for years only to eventually burn out of the strain of endless haggling at a grossly over-saturated mid-level wedding photography marketplace.That leaves the luxury market to the survivors. You can create a nice living as a high-end wedding photographer, but you have to put on your dues. Perhaps one day, the wedding photography market will normalize, but some too many brides aren't getting value for their money, and too many photographers working for a lot less than they are worth.

digital-photography-history-by sandeep-from-dreamwork-photography

Digital Photography In India

According to Wikipedia : Digital photography uses cameras containing arrays of electronic photodetectors to produce images focused by a lens, as opposed to an exposure on photographic film. The captured images are digitized and stored as a computer file ready for further digital processing, viewing, electronic publishing, or digital printing.

According to Me: But first who am I. I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Delhi and have wedding studio in Himachal and Meerut. I specialise in :

Photography is the science, technique, and art of making permanent digital images by capturing light, sound, or other electromagnetic radiation, either mechanically using a camera lens, or electrically via a unique light-sensitive material such as digital photographic film, or by using a combination of both. Photography takes advantage of one of nature's most useful tools, light, which is abundant throughout the world and can be manipulated to create images of all types. 

A photographer can use natural light, artificial light, and various combinations to create stunning photographs. An art form has been around for many centuries and has become popular in recent years due to the advent of digital photography.

The term 'digital photography' was first used in 1977, but the history of this form of photography goes back much farther. The word 'digital' actually originates from the Greek words 'dokos' which means 'image' and 'graphen.' When someone mentions 'digital photography', they refer to a technology that uses photographs to store, transmit and display data in a computer form that can be viewed, edited, or printed by the person viewing the data. The main advantage of digital photography is that it allows photographers to capture beautiful pictures without the need for any expensive photographic equipment.

In addition to being used to create digital images, photographers can also use digital photography in their studios and laboratories. Many studios use this form of photography in their workshops to create digital images that can then be transmitted and displayed on computers for the benefit of their patrons. Because digital photography involves a digital component rather than an analog component, it is challenging for photographers to take any photograph without capturing the digital version. This ensures that every image that they make is unique and different from the previous photograph.