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Frequently asked questions about the Maternity Photoshoot

The maternity report is one of our favorite specialties. In photography, pregnancy reports are an ideal way to immortalize those months of waiting, and to make sure you have the most beautiful of memories, today we tell you some tips about pregnancy photos.

When it's made?

The first thing is to choose the ideal date for the report. I advise you to do it between week 28 and 32, since by then your belly will have a more than considerable volume without, usually, due to its size, being excessively annoying, and allowing greater mobility than at a later date of pregnancy. It is not advisable to wait until the last few weeks since you could feel more tired or your baby could be ahead of the expected date.

What do I wear?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with what you choose. Prior to the photographic session or at the time of booking the appointment, we will specify the wardrobe to be used in the session and the style of it. A nice dress that enhances the belly, going through the photos in underwear and why not? Nude or semi-naked, a more artistic style where we eliminate any visual distraction by focusing exclusively on the curves of the body and the light. In our studio we have several garments and accessories to make your belly look more glamorous than ever.

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot or Indoor Pregnancy Photoshoot?

Another point to decide for our pregnancy photoshoot or maternity photoshoot indoor or outdoor? Without a doubt, each one offers us different possibilities. I always recommend studio set-up in the first place, even if it is a short session prior to making the report outdoors, since it is the style of photography that I like the most for this type of session, I take much better advantage of it, especially for the comfort to make changes of wardrobe, different types of lighting, different poses and above all because we do not depend on the weather or the temperature of each time of year. Of course we also do outdoor reports, and I love them! But I always combine them with a previous studio session, since in the studio we have much more time and tranquility to guide in the pose, 

Alone or as a family?

​Of course, in the photo shoot we recommend that you appear as a family, so we are also waiting for both of you, or all three of you! Or four, or five ...

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