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Pregnancy is a unique and special time in a woman's life, and a pregnancy photoshoot can be a beautiful way to capture the beauty and emotion of this moment. Here are some reasons why a pregnancy photoshoot is important:

Documenting the Journey: Pregnancy is a transformative experience that brings many changes to a woman's body and life. A pregnancy photoshoot allows you to document this journey and capture memories that you'll cherish for years to come. Looking back at these photos can bring back the emotions and excitement of this special time.

Celebrating Motherhood: Pregnancy is a celebration of motherhood, and a pregnancy photoshoot is a beautiful way to honor and celebrate the incredible journey of motherhood. It allows you to showcase the beauty of your growing belly and the bond between you and your baby.

Creating Memories: A pregnancy photoshoot creates beautiful memories that you can share with your family and loved ones. These photos can be cherished for generations and can become a family heirloom.

Boosting Confidence: Pregnancy can be a time of mixed emotions, and a pregnancy photoshoot can help boost your confidence and self-esteem. It allows you to celebrate your changing body and feel beautiful and empowered.

Overall, a pregnancy photoshoot is an important and special way to capture and celebrate the beauty and magic of this transformative time in your life. It's a wonderful way to create lasting memories and celebrate the journey of motherhood.

Thank you for showing interest in my work.

It is very important for me that you feel identified with my photography.

In return I am committed to making those images of your pregnancy that you want to see one and a thousand times. Photographs that will make you revive all those magical moments that you will never forget. It is important that you do not let it happen since the dates are reserved quickly. To maintain quality as high as possible, I only do a limited number of weddings per year.

I usually answer requests the same day or even within a few hours. If you do not see my response in your inbox looks in the spam tray.


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Who is the best maternity photographer in Noida, Uttar Pradesh 2023?

Who is the best bydget friendly pregnancy photographer in Noida Uttar Pradesh 2023?

Our philosophy is simple – Love. Smile. Laugh.  Be happy. Be you. And let us use the talents we have been blessed with to capture those moments in time. We approach photographs like we approach life – emotionally and curiously. We constantly look for that “WOW” moment. Using a variety of lenses and also angles and techniques, we record every detail – from the intimately personal to the big picture.

Also we are known for creativity and spontaneous portraits. Within Delhi- Noida-Greater Noida there are photo locations for every season of the year. We can travel to your place in Delhi NCR.

Our finished product is more than a collection of pictures. Most of all they are moments frozen in time. It is an honor to be a part of your special moments. In turn, we promise to deliver nothing but the highest quality photos, albums and extras to help you preserve it.

Most noteworthy we have passion for people, products and places .  Which therefore gives Joy May Wedding Photography the freedom to work with all forms of Photography.

Finally we strive to stretch the Creativity Boundaries in both Professional and Personal Projects.

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Capturing the beauty and grace of pregnancy is a wonderful way to commemorate this special time in your life. That's why a maternity photoshoot can be such a meaningful experience. Whether you're looking for a way to document your pregnancy for yourself or to share with loved ones, a maternity photoshoot can be a beautiful and unique way to do so.

If you're based in Noida, you're in luck! There are many talented photographers in the area who specialize in maternity photoshoots. By working with a professional photographer, you can ensure that your photoshoot is personalized to your vision and preferences. They can help you choose the perfect location, outfits, and poses to showcase your baby bump and capture the emotions and excitement of this time in your life.

When searching for a photographer, it's important to find someone with experience in maternity photography. They should have a portfolio of their work that you can review to ensure that their style aligns with your preferences. You should also look for reviews or testimonials from previous clients to ensure that they have a reputation for producing high-quality photos and providing excellent customer service.

At Dreamwork Noida Photography Studio, we specialize in maternity photography and strive to make your experience comfortable, personalized, and unforgettable. We understand the unique needs and desires of expecting mothers and work closely with you to create the perfect photoshoot. Whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor location, we have the expertise and equipment to make your vision a reality.

Ready to schedule your maternity photoshoot?

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Looking for the best maternity photographer in Noida for your pregnancy photoshoot? Look no further! With years of experience serving clients throughout Noida, I am proud to have earned a reputation as the top-rated maternity photographer in the region.

My studio in the Greater Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon region is conveniently located and well-equipped to ensure the utmost comfort and relaxation for expecting mothers. I offer both indoor and outdoor maternity photoshoots to cater to your preferences and needs.

How to plan your maternity photoshoot in Noida?



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Being a mother is one of the beautiful gifts in life, and the first nine months of pregnancy are the early moments where you begin to create a lifelong bond with your baby. I know pregnancy isn't all glamorous (no one enjoys morning sickness and swollen ankles), but this is a beautiful and significant time in your life that deserves to be captured with maternity photos.

Why should you plan a maternity photoshoot?

Whether it only happens once or a handful of times, your pregnancy is a particular time in your life that deserves to be documented. As a photographer, I am all about capturing moments, the moment that won't be coming back. Moments happen only once, and after all is said and done, all that's left are our memories and the photos that help us remember them. So take this opportunity in your pregnancy to document your family's journey and celebrate this time by planning a maternity photo session.

Need more reasons to take maternity photos?

– To look back years down the road and remember when you didn't have to share your baby with anyone else is something a mama's heart will always cherish.

– To show your child the world they were a part of but never saw, which is something they will be able to appreciate for years to come.

– Use the photos to share on an announcement or at a gender reveal party or baby shower.

– Print, frame, and enjoy the photos in your home, plus they make for excellent nursery decorations!

When to schedule your maternity photoshoot?

The best time to take maternity photos is when you feel like you look your best and are the most comfortable, but it can be hard to know when that time will be if this is your first pregnancy and you are trying to plan. I recommend scheduling your maternity photo session when you are around 7-8 months or between 28 – 36 weeks, as this is the time most women have a nice, round belly but still feel comfortable enough to try posing. Of course, if you are feeling good earlier and are happy with the size of your stomach, then it's ok to schedule your photo session.

You may also want to schedule your session earlier if you are a high-risk pregnancy or if you are expecting multiples. I caution waiting until the last minute to take your photos as babies make up their minds when they arrive, and you wouldn't want to miss capturing images of this particular time due to early arrival.

Again, with any mother, do what works for you, not what others tell you worked for them. Your pregnancy is your journey, so do what's best for you and your babe.

Tips for the best maternity photos

– Lay your outfits out the night before. This will help ensure you aren't rushing around to find something to wear at the last minute.

– Get a good night's sleep. You want to look and feel rested and refreshed on the day of your shoot.

– Schedule your hair and makeup to be completed at least 90 minutes before the shoot.

– Moisturize your belly if you plan to show it.

– Touch your belly! You probably do this naturally, but your photoshoot is the time to go all out. Touch and hold your stomach to help show the intimacy and connection between you and your little one.

Here are some frequently asked questions about maternity photography in Noida:

You Will Love The Experience. We Promise.​

Dreamwork Photography is a Delhi-based budget pregnancy photography studio that provides you with a spectacular experience while capturing your life’s most precious moments. We specialise in making our moms-to-be smile while they browse our online photo gallery. We encourage couple to imagine themselves in the beautifully crafted pregnancy pictures and plan their session with them, so they feel every bit like a queen!

Contact us NOW to schedule your dream maternity session!

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As a maternity photographer, I capture maternity photos. It is no rare experience to work with a couple wearing their best.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing! Capturing those moments before your little one arrives is absolutely necessary. You will cherish your maternity photos your entire life, and your child will grow up seeing your absolute love for him or her before you even met them. 

With your body’s shape-changing to accommodate your growing little one, you probably aren’t sure what looks best in front of a camera. Believe it or not, some patterns can make you appear much larger than you are while others complement and flatter your beautiful baby bump.

First, here are some basic rules of colour combination for mom to be and dad to be. Some of the very best maternity dresses or maxi skirts are white..........(read more)

Maternity Photography package in Delhi-Noida India

​What is maternity photography?

Maternity photography is a type of photography that captures the beauty and essence of pregnancy. It typically involves taking photographs of the expecting mother and her growing belly to create a lasting memory of this special time.

How much is for maternity photoshoot package in Noida-Delhi?
Our Basic package starts from Rs.7500.

Where to rent/buy maternity photoshoot dress or gowns in Delhi - Noida?
Maternity Photoshoot dresses or gowns can be rented or bought from the following sites:

When is the best time to do maternity photoshoot?
Best time for a maternity photo shoot is around 28 to 36 weeks of the pregnancy, mom to be can enjoy a shoot as long as they're not a little too close to their delivery dates and they can still move around with a growing baby bump.

How to pose for maternity photoshoot?
​Please check our gallery

When is the best time to schedule a maternity photoshoot?
The best time to schedule a maternity photoshoot is typically between 28-36 weeks of pregnancy. This is when the belly is usually at its fullest and most prominent, but the mother is still comfortable enough to pose for photographs.

What should I wear for a maternity photoshoot?
You can wear anything that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Many expecting mothers opt for form-fitting clothing that accentuates their baby bump, while others prefer flowing dresses or casual outfits. It's important to choose clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Can my partner and children be included in the photoshoot?
Yes, many maternity photographers offer family photoshoot packages that include partners and other children. It's a great way to capture the excitement and joy of this special time for the entire family.

How long does a maternity photoshoot take?
A typical maternity photoshoot can take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the package and the number of locations chosen. It's important to plan enough time to get the shots you want without feeling rushed.

How much does a maternity photoshoot cost in Noida?
The cost of a maternity photoshoot in Noida can vary depending on the photographer and the package chosen. It's important to choose a photographer who offers transparent pricing and includes all fees upfront to avoid any surprises later on.

How long does it take to receive the photos from my maternity photoshoot in Noida?

The turnaround time for receiving photos from your maternity photoshoot in Delhi varies depending on the photographer and the package you choose. You can expect to receive your photos within 1-4 weeks.

These are just a few of the most commonly asked questions about maternity photography in Noida. If you have any specific questions or concerns, it's best to consult with a professional photographer directly.

Pregnancy is a time of great joy and anticipation, and what better way to celebrate this special time than with a pregnancy photoshoot?

A pregnancy photoshoot is a wonderful way to capture the beauty of this moment and create cherished memories that you'll treasure for years to come.

If you're considering a pregnancy photoshoot, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure a successful and memorable experience. First, it's important to choose a photographer with experience in pregnancy photography. They should have a portfolio of their work that you can review to ensure that their style aligns with your preferences. You should also look for reviews or testimonials from previous clients to ensure that they have a reputation for producing high-quality photos and providing excellent customer service.

When it comes to the actual photoshoot, you'll want to choose a location that's comfortable and reflects your personal style. This could be an outdoor location, such as a park or beach, or an indoor setting, such as your home or a studio. You'll also want to think about your wardrobe and choose outfits that are comfortable and showcase your baby bump.

At Dreamwork Maternity Photographer, we specialize in pregnancy photography and strive to make your experience comfortable, personalized, and unforgettable. Our team of experienced photographers will work closely with you to create the perfect photoshoot that reflects your unique style and vision. We offer a variety of packages to choose from, including indoor and outdoor options, and we're committed to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality photos.

Ready to schedule your pregnancy photoshoot? Contact us today to learn more and book your session. We can't wait to help you capture the beauty and magic of this special time in your life.


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Types of Maternity Photoshoot

best maternity photography package delhi ncr


Reasons why every expectant mom should do a maternity photo shoot

​​Documentary / Lifestyle Maternity Photographer in Noida UP, India


A maternity/pregnancy photo session is more than capturing the bump and celebrating a new baby, it’s about capturing what won’t be anymore.

If this is your first baby you are expecting, it’s also about you, your spouse . If you are planning your second baby, it’s a lot about your first baby and those special one-to-one times with mummy and daddy. If you’re expecting your last baby, it’s about the last time being pregnant.

At the end of the day, you need to decide whether you’d like to preserve these memories or not. But always remember, the Secret to Happiness is to Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things. If you planning for Maternity Photo shoot sessionin Noida UP. We have a team of experienced maternity shoot photographer in Noida. Our Maternity photo shoot package starts from Rs. 8500 in Noida for outdoor pregnancy photo session. 

Call 8377987906 maternity photography in Delhi - Gurgaon - Noida, pregnancy photography in Delhi Gurgaon, maternity photo shoot package Delhi Noida.

I always love capturing this amazing moment in a couples lives!

Dreamwork Photography is the most sought after maternity, newborn and family photographers in Noida

Professional Maternity Photographers in Noida - Hire the best Maternity Photographers and Photo Studios in Noida, UP India. 

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Dreamwork Photography provides best children photography, infant photography, maternity photography services in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. Best things about my photos are infused with the excitement and anticipation of pregnancy. Maternity photography clients love my attention to detail, and my maternity/pregnancy photography focuses on expression, ambience, and emotions of pregnancy. Most importantly, my photos capture the joy of motherhood, and the special bond between parents and child.  Dreamwork Maternity Photographer Sandeep does his sessions in-studio, or on location.  Each setting offers its own unique lighting and mood. A new baby coming into a home is no doubt going to receive a lot of love. I always try to include photographs that focus on the strong bond between mom and dad, because bringing a new child into the world with someone you love is, without a doubt, love in its purest form. As a maternity photographer in Noida, that is my ultimate goal.


Life is a journey. Everyone knows that, but some of us feel it in a special way. After woman becomes pregnant another she starts a journey as a mother, which creates another life. It is one of the most beautiful things that can happen, and something so special and extraordinary that we are still fascinated by it despite all our evolution and innovations. And those moments are really worth to capture with maternity photography. 

Maternity photography will help you keep your amazing journey on the photographs.

Maternity photography can be the perfect tool to capture this magical journey, from bump to baby, as we call it. We can capture your lovely and tender feelings towards him or her. You will have a silent companion during your journey towards maternity, a professional photographer who will be ready and carefully capture every important step of this amazing process. 

Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Vaishali Newborn, Maternity, Children and Family Photographer

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Maternity photoshoot package delhi ncr starts from Rs. 7500 in Noida for outdoor pregnancy photo session

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We specialise in newborn, maternity, family & baby photography in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida. Sessions are held in our studio or outside Park.

Beautiful Maternity Photography in Noida

Pregnancy Photos can be a fantastic way to capture the joy of your pregnancy and this very special time. I believe that the best time to show off your baby bump and get the best maternity photos is between 28 and 32 weeks. The belly is nice and high, round and optimal for a great maternity photoshoot.

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​This fee covers:

  • Time and talent of the photographer
  • One Location only
  • 2-hour photoshoot session 
  • Outdoor photoshoots
  • All RAW data​​ (read more.....)

For full pricing and to know more about other packages, please e-mail me at 

 Reasons You Need To Have Pregnancy Photography

Have you ever thought about your story? Where you come from and where you are going? 

So, many things to think about when you are getting ready for a baby. I'm biased, sure, but as a photographer, I think you should consider adding maternity photos to that list.

​More and more pregnant women have been hiring professional photographers to capture their images in the last month or two pregnancy. Things have gotten very creative. If you're wondering whether you should do it, here are some reasons I think maternity sessions are great.

1. Pregnancy is a Celebration
Many women feel good during pregnancy. Whether or not you love how you look, a professional photography session will make you feel beautiful.

2. Honour the foundation

When I photograph expectant couples, I like to ask how they met. It is fun to watch—and photograph—as they reminisce. Pregnancy is a time to reflect on the journey that led you to become a family in the first place. And whether this is your first child, honouring the foundation on which your family has been built is an important, and wonderful, thing to do.

3. Freeze the moment in time
A new baby brings many changes on their arrival. Life will not going to be the same. So, take a time out  to capture this moment.

4. Capture the anticipation
Pregnancy is such an exciting time. Down the road, you might forget what it felt like to be expecting. Capture those emotions so you can look back on them with fondness.

5. Involve First Child
A maternity photo session isn't just about the expectant mom and dad. If you have other children, let them be part of the fun. They may be excited or struggling with the idea of a new addition to the family. During a maternity session, I like to make older siblings feel special. Have the focus be on them for a few moments. I also encourage them to interact with the baby. That's how I got this sweet moment—big brother singing a song to his baby brother.

So how did you document your pregnancy?  Mom and Dad to be get in touch with me for maternity session +918377987906

This is such a short but unique time in your lives. I love capturing the beauty of an expectant mother. I look for beautiful locations and natural moments. It’s not so much about posing, but about finding the moments that are honest and easy for you. I feel so grateful that I get to connect with people and preserve their memories. I  keep sessions relaxed and easy-going….it’s really not a big deal…but loads of fun!

Please get in touch and I'll be happy to help you how it works and when is the best time etc. +918377987906​​

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