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Your baby’s first birthday is a huge milestone in your baby’s life & yours too.

So how can you avoid the stress that often accompanies such milestones and ensure that both you and your baby enjoy the day?

While you’re busy planning the theme, gathering decorations, sending out invitations and ordering the cake; it’s so easy to overlook one very important element: the photography. Hiring a professional birthday photographer becoming more and more common today – as many parents want to capture every moment of their loved one’s big day.

In Hindu / Christian / Muslim / Sikh kids first birthday are one of the most significant celebration days. When you think about that moment of birth when your child entered this world, there is little wonder that this is so. When we celebrate a first birthday we are celebrating the miracle of birth and the unique person who was brought into the world on that day.

A 1st birthday celebration is precious because as we reflect on the previous year we think about just how tiny and new they were and how far they have come.

Organizing a first birthday & not hiring professional photographer to cover it, make some people regret. Plan the party according to your baby.

For instance, if you have a shy or sensitive child who doesn’t like large crowds and a lot of noise, think about a smaller gathering in a familiar place. Does your child like to munch? To sit & relax? To play non-stop? To run? Do they like to be outdoors or indoor? Think about all things before you decide on the venue and the guest list. Food also needs some thought; while it is nice to provide food that all the guests will enjoy, try not to provide too many things that your child can’t eat. For example, if your child sees everyone else eating pasta but it is too hard for him to manage he might be upset that he isn’t allowed to have any.

Timing is important for the birthday party, try to plan it for a time when your child will be well rested and ready to enjoy the event.

Three to four hour for a first birthday photography is an ample time, any longer and your child may start to get cranky. Divide up the time and keep things moving so that your little one doesn’t get tired & exhaust. Mr Gupta hosted her daughter's first birthday at Banquet hall in Narayana, the first hour was dedicated to play time for the kids and food was available for adults and kids to snack on. After an hour they called everyone & started the cake cutting ceremony. This gave the event a bit of structure but also allowed for a good hour of playtime and conversation for the adults.

A dream birthday party is on everyone's bucket list! 

We offer 2 birthday party packages so you can capture party to remember! forever. 


Complete Package will be Rs. 12,000, which include:

  • 150 Images
  • 80 Colour Corrected (soft copy only)
  • Duration 3 hr
  • 1 Photographer (Candid only)​
  • All RAW data will be shared  through google drive


Complete Package will be Rs. 30, 000 which include

  • 250 Images
  • 150 Color Corrected
  • ​12 * 15 Album with 100 images
  • Duration of the shoot 4 hr
  • Photography ( Candid + Traditional)
  • 1 Cinematographer (Teaser of 5 min + 20 min Traditional video)
  • ​All RAW data will be shared in HD or through google drive

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