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Learning Photography is a process where we look at things through different “angles” and “perspectives”.

With its practice and discipline, we begin to appreciate and pay attention to details and things we never even knew existed before. In doing so, our map of the world gets bigger and richer, giving us more choices and possibilities. This can only have a good impact on every other aspect of our lives.

Today, photography counts a massive scope of applications and genres, and we can only be spoilt for choices in finding our niche. But learning photography goes well beyond the acquisition of a new hobby or necessary skill. The actual creative process involved in crafting and taking pictures is an activity that serves us well in our personal journey and development, helping us stretch our reach well beyond the invisible and unimaginable.

With the massive technological and social developments we have seen in the last few years, we can proudly say that photography today has become a new literacy and language with a massive difference; It is the only one that can be spoken and understood by anyone, regardless of cultural or geographical identities.

Photography is now a Universal Lingo, a must-have skill and personal power tool that can help us connect with the beautifully diverse and colourful world we live in and all the magic we have within.

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