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A pre-wedding shoot, is a photo shoot that usually takes place prior to the wedding day. Though pre-wedding photo shoots have become a necessity for most, a lot of couples have started to have one. 

Pre- wedding shoot can actually help you in a few different ways. First, it helps you build a good rapport with your photographer, especially if you're hiring the same one to shoot your entire wedding.  You will feel more comfortable with your photographer and also get to know his or her shooting style. For your photographer, it's also the time to get to know more about you as a couple, how formal or casual your styles are. This way, they can create suitable settings that will flatter the both of you during your pre-wedding shoot and wedding day.

Pre wedding photography is such an important these days. It's a great chance for the couple to get some amazing images in far away locations to display on their wedding day and to cherish forever. 

​What makes a great pre-wedding photo?

There are so many things that can help make great pre - wedding pictures. Pre - wedding pictures should tell you story as couples'.  "Pictures have to tell something; who they are, how they began, or where they're going as a couple. If the two are coffee lovers, then it would be great to have a cafe shoot included in the session gracing the shoot." Above all, it is the captured emotions that bring all the goodness to the pictures.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Concepts

Many creative couples and photographers have come up with countless pre-wedding concepts; so many that you will probably have trouble choosing one for yourself. 

Dos and Don'ts of Pre-Wedding Photography

As simple and effortless as they look, pre-wedding shoots are not that simple. There are a few things that you need to consider and pay attention to before the shoot even takes place. Go through these these dos and don'ts carefully these points will help you prepare the perfect photo shoot.

Do: Research

Do your research on things related to the shoot - like location, make up artist, wardrobe, and especially your photographer and photo shoot theme. #1 is the concept. Make sure that you've decided the theme. See some samples of pre-wedding pictures and take note of the concepts you like, then determine the one you want for your own shoot. After choosing a concept, decide on a photographer. Look for a photographer whose style and budget range suits yours and, most importantly, is capable of delivering the concept you've chosen. Make sure you choose the right person for the job.

Don't: Experiment
Don't let those models & actress change your decisions regarding your looks, like having a sudden change with your hairstyle, hair colour. In your pictures, of course you want to look like no one else but you. These extreme decisions will not make you look  like yourself in the pictures and I'm  sure you don't want that.

Do: Plan the Theme

It is very important to plan your shoot very carefully. Some engaged couples want to  just go with whatever is trending. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just that the photos will come out as "just another engagement shoot" and not reflect you as a couple, let alone your personality. Also, plan the photo shoot session ahead to avoid unnecessary mistakes. From my experience I'm saying, that brides have ended up having trouble when bringing their glamorous gowns for a photo shoot. Planning ahead is very important, so please do so accordingly.

Don't: Be Mean

We know wedding is all about "brides." This is what brides tend to forget. You're not the only one posing in the shoot; your partner is there with you. Make sure that your future husband is comfortable with the shoot and its whole concept and idea, as not everyone is comfortable having his pictures taken in such a fancy manner. Nothing is worse than a grumpy groom; imagine him refusing to pose and looking sour in every frame. You don't want that. Always discuss & take each other approval and if there's ever a concern, talk about it to reach a compromise.

Do: Check the Light

Talking about light, there are two things you need to consider. The shoot itself has to be done at the right time, not too close to and not too far off from the wedding day. As the photographer will need time to edit the pictures, don't do it too close to the wedding. On the other hand, don't do the shoot too far off from the wedding date so your guests will also feel the excitement leading up to your wedding day.

On the day of your shoot, pick the perfect time of the day to do the shoot. You should always consult your photographer and check the weather forecast, believe me it will be spare you a lot of trouble. Especially if you're having an outdoor shoot. He or she will know what time frame produces the perfect light for your shoot, as it will determine the vibe and feel of the pictures. 

Do: Check the Check List

On the shoot day, be prepared and come on time. Make a checklist. So, you don't forget anything. It is important to come on time considering that you've made an appointment with the photographer. This is one of the most common mistakes according to my past experience "Some brides wish to have their pre-wedding at sunrise yet wake up late and miss the sunrise time frame." Coming on time will also make you feel more relaxed and calm, which will be great for the pictures. Don't forget to bring a mini emergency kit—a pouch with safety pins, makeup, hair pins, and a mini sewing kit—just in case.

Pro Tip from Delhi Professional Wedding Photographer

"That's the easiest thing you can do. Don't be someone you're not as it will look unnatural. It is our jobs to perfectly capture you in the images so don't try too hard."


Now here comes the fun part. We present you with a list of unique places you can consider as your pre-wedding locations. Yes, it all comes down to your theme and concept, but perhaps these lovely spots can get you inspired. Take a look. Paid location for Pre-Wedding places as backdrops can bring more life and different kinds of feelings to your pre-wedding pictures. 

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