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Recently did a shoot for Devender + Kavita in Photo Rachna studios situated in Gurgaon photo studio will provide you multitude of backdrops to choose from. They range from the Moroccan Fort, Tree Lights, Smokey Grey Wall and Ladder, London Street and many more beautiful set up.

Recently opened in Gurgaon, it is perfect for all types of indoor and outdoor shoots for all those Gurgaon couples who would not like to travel far to places like Delhi or Sonipat or Faridabad.  A cafe, library, graffiti wall, rural village, beach, picnic spots are few of the backdrops for couples to have a memorable photo shoot. Plus, all these are available at one place. 

Bored of posing in front of old school monuments or those grandeur resorts or palaces?

So, if you want to experiment and add some quirkiness to your pre wedding memories, here is the solution to all your worries. We've already told you the best list of places in Delhi for your pre wedding shoot.

So if you're planning yourpre wedding shoot in Gurgaon, then you're at the right place! 

Pre-wedding shoots are always fun, because you get to spend time with each other amidst the wedding madness.  But did you know that just choosing a professional photographer for your pre-wedding shoot isn’t enough? There are several things you need to keep in mind before your photoshoot.

So, to help you prepare, here are  a few tips:

  • Photography Packages : Discuss well in advance all the terms and conditions of the shoot with your photographer.

  • Props: Whether it be an indoor or outdoor location, accordingly make a list of all the props you would require at the setup. If there are many props, ask a close one or sibling who can help organise you at that time. Best I can advise choose from various paid location that provides you everything under one roof. 

  • Poses: Research well about what all photo ideas you would like to incorporate. It is always advised to do so well in advance so that your photographer has a fair idea of what exactly you need.

  • Merchandise: Do your homework weeks before about which kind of outfit will go with your preferred location. Get your outfits ready way in advance to avoid any inconvenience on the day of the shoot.

  • ​To avoid looking tired in your photographs, take ample amount of rest a day or two before the day of the shoot.

  • Always have Plan B, prepare your emergency kit and do not forget to take it along on the day of the shoot.​

Dreamwork is a team of Professional & Talented Pre-Wedding Photographers based out of Gurgaon. A wedding is never complete without a pre-wedding photoshoot of the engaged couple. 

We provide pre-wedding photography services all areas of gurgaon - DLF SECTORS, SOHNA ROAD, OLD GURGAON, SUSHANT LOK, M G ROAD, AND SOHNA ROAD AREA.




INR 60,000

Pre wedding + Wedding photography

+ 2 Small Function

  • Candid Wedding Photography
  • Traditional Wedding Photography
  • Two Wedding Album 12x12 inches
  • e-Wedding Invite
  • Small Function duration is 4hr only


Pre wedding photoshoot in paid location Gurgaon, Haryana


Pre wedding photography packages Gurgaon


Pre wedding & Wedding photography packages Gurgaon

​​​​​​​​​​​Dreamwork Photography

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INR 40,000

Pre wedding + Wedding photography

  • ​Candid Wedding Photography
  • ​Pre-Wedding Photography
  • Traditional Wedding Photography
  • One Wedding Album 12x18 inches
  • Pre Wedding Photography 4 hr
  • Wedding Photography 10hr only​​

Best-Candid-Gurgaon-photographers-Photography-Pre-wedding-dreamwork photography-Wedding
Best Pre-Wedding Coming Soon - 2020 || R & B || Dreamwork Photography, Delhi
Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon - Dreamwork Photography

Pre Wedding Photoshoot was born from the desire to have more time to take pictures in peace before the wedding .

Top 100 wedding photographers in Gurgaon- Best Pre Wedding Photographers in gurgaon with Prices

INR 10,000

Pre wedding photography 

  • Candid Pre wedding Photography
  • ​Lifestyle Pre-Wedding Photography
  • Wedding Invite
  • One Wedding Album 12x18 inches

Sandeep Kashyap Sandeep has a account Director of Photography at Dreamwork Photography Delhi, India