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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Package in Himachal, Shimla

INR 250,000


  • Candid Wedding Photography
  • Traditional Wedding Photography
  • Two ​Cinematic Video (4-5 min Teaser)
  • Traditional video (40 - 60 min)
  • Two Wedding Album 12x18 inches
  • ​Small Function (4-5 hr)
  • Wedding (12 hr)

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state located in the northern part of India and offers a breathtaking natural landscape, making it an ideal location for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Here are some popular locations for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Himachal Pradesh:

Shimla: Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and offers stunning panoramic views of the Himalayas, lush green forests, and beautiful colonial architecture. The Ridge, Mall Road, and Jakhu Temple are popular locations for pre-wedding photoshoots.

Manali: Manali is a picturesque hill station located in the Kullu Valley and offers stunning views of snow-capped mountains, dense forests, and gushing rivers. The Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, and Hadimba Temple are popular locations for pre-wedding photoshoots.

McLeod Ganj: McLeod Ganj is a small town located in the Dharamshala district and offers stunning views of the Dhauladhar Range, lush green forests, and Tibetan culture. The Dalai Lama Temple, Bhagsunag Waterfall, and St. John in the Wilderness Church are popular locations for pre-wedding photoshoots.

Khajjiar: Khajjiar is a small hill station located in the Chamba district and offers stunning views of lush green meadows, dense forests, and snow-capped mountains. The Khajjiar Lake, Khajji Nag Temple, and Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary are popular locations for pre-wedding photoshoots.

Kasauli: Kasauli is a small hill station located in the Solan district and offers stunning views of the Himalayas, dense forests, and colonial architecture. The Kasauli Christ Church, Gilbert Trail, and Monkey Point are popular locations for pre-wedding photoshoots.

Note that some of these locations may require prior permissions and permits for a pre-wedding photoshoot. It is recommended to hire a local photographer who knows the area well and can assist with the necessary arrangements.

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Himachal Pradesh is best destination for pre-wedding photoshoots

Recently did a pre-wedding photoshoot in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh for a beautiful couple. Though Shimla is famous for destination wedding. However, if use wisely and with proper planning I guess entire Himachal is welcoming you with open arms for all sort of photography let it be nature, travel, people, landscape, wedding photography or pre wedding photo shoot.  So, if you are a couple who is looking for the Best Wedding Photographer in Shimla then we here at The Dreamwork Photography Studio are the perfect choice for you. Providing wedding photography, pre wedding photoshoot and wedding videography in Shimla, Kangra, Mandi, Solan, Sirmaur, Una, Kullu, Hamirpur, Bilaspur, Chamba, Kinnaur, Lahaul & Spiti and all over Himachal!

The popularity of pre-wedding photoshoot in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and all over Delhi NCR has skyrocketed in the last few years. There is no doubt that the wedding album becomes a little more interesting with pre wedding photoshoot. So if your marriage is going well, don't forget to plan for an instant pre-wedding photoshoot! with us. 

At Dreamwork Wedding Photography, we prefer to do pre-wedding photoshoots under the open sky. Needless to say, when the colors of nature blend in with the insanity of the future bride and groom, the pre wedding photos look amazing!

That's why I'm going to tell share few free pre wedding photoshoot places in Shimla, Kangra, Palampur, Bilaspur, Manali, Una, Kufri (Himachal) Himachal is a  beautiful place Mecca for wedding photographers. Among couple across the North India Shimla have already become very popular as pre-wedding photoshoot destinations.


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Best Wedding Photographers in Shimla, Himachal

Dreamwork Photography

Wedding Photography is a game of seconds. If the right light and moment cannot be captured at the right time, then magic creation is not possible. And that requires some special skills and creativity. So wedding photography is not a cake walk at all. That's why I say, if you want to frame the special moments of the wedding in a beautiful way, then do not make a hasty decision in choosing a photographer! Instead, do a little research to see the best wedding photographers in Kolkata (Best Wedding Photographers In Kolkata). Then either you will make a thoughtful decision. And if you don't have time to do so much research, there's no reason to worry. Because, there is POPxo bangla. Dreamwork Photography provide best wedding photography package in shimla, himachal pradesh and pre wedding photoshoot just for Rs.15,000 in Shimla, Kangra, Mandi, Solan, Sirmaur, Una, Kullu, Hamirpur, Bilaspur, Chamba, Kinnaur, Lahaul & Spiti and all over Himachal!  If you are here your end for the best photographers in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh ends here.

INR 25,000

  • ​Candid Photography
  • All Raw data | 25 edited Photos
  • Duration 8 hr
  • No cab charges for Shoot in Shimla 


It is the creativity of the photographer that takes a simple frame to a whole new level. So choosing the right photographer (Best Photographer in Shimla, Himachal) is not an easy task. In this case, it is very important to keep in mind some issues. Suppose ...

1 | Don't Make Quick Decision

When the wedding will be once, so there will be no more photoshoots. That's why if you rush to choose a photographer, you can make the wrong decision. So keep a cool head and make a list by looking at the portfolios and wedding trailers of several photographers. Now choose one from that list. In this case, there are many more things to keep in mind. For example, be sure to find out if the photographer you have chosen is free on your wedding day! You will also find out about the photographer's fees and the total cost.

2 | Does the photographer's thoughts match your style? (Settle on a Style)

You and your partner may be thinking of doing a photoshoot with a particular style in mind. Meanwhile, the photographer is busy with other thoughts, but it is difficult. Because, in that case, a quarrel may break out with him. So you have to discuss this with the photographer from the beginning. If you find that the photographer's thoughts do not match your choice, do not hesitate to choose another photographer!

3 | The Wedding Photography Budget

The more money you spend, the better the results. But that's not to say that the whole bank-balance behind the photoshoot should be emptied. So decide on a budget in consultation with your partner. And choose a photographer like that.

It is important to discuss all these issues with the photographer (Things To Discuss With Your Wedding Photographer)

The better your understanding with the photographer, the better the work will be done. So a month and a half before the wedding with the photographer to discuss how many things must be done! Suppose ...

1 | Let us know your likes and dislikes (Your Likes & Dislikes)

What kind of pictures do you want to take on the day of the wedding or what kind of poses do you not like at all, it should be discussed with the photographer. Also, let him know if you want to take candid or still photographs separately with family members. There will be no risk of any misunderstanding. In this case, it is important to keep another thing in mind. What's the matter? The photographer must have thought of some ideas too. His thoughts and feelings should also be appreciated. Otherwise magic will be created.

2 | Let the photographer know about the timetable (Time Table)

Be sure to let the photographer know in advance when the event will take place, from yellow to blue. Otherwise he may miss an event. It is very important to keep in mind that you will arrive home at the time of the wedding, especially on the day of the wedding and the wedding. Moreover, if the photographer has a timetable in his hand, he will not have any difficulty in planning. As a result, the work will be easier.

3 | Are you planning a surprise? (Share Your Surprise Plan)

If you plan to give a surprise to the groom on the day of the wedding or the wedding, let the photographer know about it separately, otherwise that special moment will be missed and there is a risk of what the book is!

4 | Discuss Lighting

On a holiday, take a photographer with you to the wedding venue or ask them to speak to the decor in charge. It will be possible for the photographer to get an idea about lighting and ambience. If there is a need for additional lights, he will be able to know about it. And if you can't do that alone, you can take the event home one day alone, turn on all the lights, take a dozen pictures on the phone and send them to the photographer. He will also have some benefits.

5 | Let the photographer know what the 'point of contact' will be (Your Point Of Contact)

You will be busy on the day of marriage. So you can't be bothered that day. So it is better to let the photographer know who you will talk to in your family for various needs. And if you can give that person's phone number to the photographer, then there is no point!

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Where to Plan Destination Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Himachal Pradesh?

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According to wikipedia : Bilaspur is a town and a municipal council in Bilaspur district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Bilaspur was the capital of a state of the same name founded in the 7th century, also known as Kahlur. The ruling dynasty were Chandel Rajputs, who claimed descent from the rulers of Chanderi in present-day Madhya Pradesh. The town of Bilaspur was founded in 1663. The state later became a princely state of British India, and was under the authority of the British province of Punjab.

On 13 May 1665, Guru Tegh Bahadur went to Bilaspur to attend the mourning and funeral ceremonies for Raja Dip Chand of Bilaspur. Rani Champa of Bilaspur made an offer to the Guru of a piece of land in her state, which the Guru accepted at the cost of 500 rupees. The land consisted of the villages of Lodhipur, Mianpur, and Sahota. Guru Tegh Bahadur broke ground on a new settlement on 19 June 1665, which he named Nanaki after his mother.

In 1932, the state became part of the newly created Punjab States Agency, and in 1936 the Punjab Hill States Agency was separated from the Punjab States Agency. On 12 October 1948 the local ruler, Raja Sir Anand Chand, last ruler of Bilaspur [CHANDEL DYNASTY] acceded to the Government of India.

Bilaspur became a separate state of India under a chief commissioner, and on 1 July 1954, Bilaspur State was made a district of Himachal Pradesh state by an act of the Indian Parliament. When the Sutlej River was dammed to create the Govind Sagar, the historic town of Bilaspur was submerged, and a new town was built upslope of the old.


  • Naina Devi Temple: The Temple of Shri Naina Devi Ji is situated on a hilltop in Bilaspur. The temple is connected with National Highway No. 21. The temple at the top of the hill can be reached via road (that curves around the hill up to a certain point) and then by concrete steps (that finally reach the top). There is also a cable car facility that moves pilgrims from the base of the hill all the way to the top. The hills of Naina Devi overlook the Gobind Sagar lake, which was created by the Bhakra-Nangal Dam. Several religious stories are associated with the establishment of the temple.
  • Gobind Sagar: A reservoir that was formed by the Bhakra Dam.
  • Rukmani Kund: A rock water body, It can be accessed by taking Bhager-Gehrwin route via Hirapur.
  • Bhakra Dam: Bhakra Dam is a concrete gravity dam across the Satluj River in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh in northern India. The dam, located at a gorge near the (now submerged) upstream Bhakra village in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh of 226 m. India's tallest dam is "Tehri dam "of 265 m. The length of the dam (measured from the road above it) is 518.25 m and the width is 9.1 m. Its reservoir known as "Gobind Sagar" stores up to 9.34 billion cubic metres of water. The 90 km long reservoir created by the Bhakra Dam is spread over an area of 168.35 km2. In terms of quantity of water, it is the third largest reservoir in India, the first being Indira Sagar Dam in Madhya Pradesh with capacity of 12.22 billion cu m and second Nagarjunasagar Dam. Described as "New Temple of Resurgent India" by Jawaharlal Nehru,[2] the first prime minister of India, the dam attracts tourists from all over India. Bhakra dam is 15 km from Nangal city and 20 km from Naina Devi town.
  1. Baba Nahar Singh Temple Dhaulra : The temple of Baba Nahar Singh exists at Dholra in the Bilaspur Town. The people all over Bilaspur worship Baba Nahar Singh. Baba is also known as ‘Bajia’, ‘Peepal Wala’, ‘Dalian Wala’. Baba Ji is known as apparent (Prtyaksh) god. Baba Nahar Singh was the god of Naggar the capital of Kullu Riyasat. Legend is that Raja Deep Chand (1650-1665) of Bilaspur married princess of Kullu Lai Dei (she is now known as Naggar Dei also). When the princess now known as Rani of Bilaspur reached Bilaspur she had frequent attacks of unconsciousness. The devoted persons of Bilaspur tried to find out the reason for this. They all came to the conclusion that Baba Nahar Singh has accompanied Rani and the God needs to be established with all religious rituals. Raja Deep Chand did the same and established the god in Dholra. ‘Kharaun’ (the wooden slippers) of Baba Nahar Singh symbolizes him and are placed in the temple. In the month of ‘Jeth’ (mid May to mid June) on every Tuesday fairs are organized in the temple.
  • Vyaas Gufa: The oldest and the most famous religious place which lies on the left bank of river Satluj. It is about 610 m above sea level. It is situated between the old and new Bilaspur Township. There is a common belief that Vyas Rishi of Mahabharata fame lived in this Gufa in penance. The name of the present Bilaspur town traces its origin to Rishi Vyas which was originally known as Vyaspur. It is a place of pilgrimage. It is about 0.5 km from district headquarters.
  • Laxmi Narayan Temple: A temple where Laxmi Narayan is worshiped.
  • Baba Balak Nath: Babal Balak Nath is a Punjabi and Hindu deity worshiped in the northern Indian states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. His main temple is in Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh. The base city is known as Shahtalai. Women are not allowed to enter the main garbagriha because was a Brahmachari and could not have any females near him.
  • Markandeya: Temple: Located on Ghagus-Brahmpukhar road. It is named after Rishi Markandeya. As per the history, Rishi Markandeya had no children and thus, he worshiped in this temple to have a child. As a result, Lord Shiva blessed him with one son but warned that the boy will live up to the age of 12 years only. So Rishi named his son as Markandeya. Later on, the child Markandeya worshiped Lord Shiva at this place and lastly when his claimed age was about to approach, he received the blessings from Lord Shiva in the form of a grant of his wishes.
  • Hadimba Devi Temple: Hadimba Devi Temple is located atop a hill in Chalehli Village in Bilaspur district, Himachal Pradesh, at a distance of 5 km from Harlog on the Harlog-Hawaan Road. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Durga, extensively known as Hadimba Devi, the symbol of Shakti.
  • Badol Devi Temple: Badol Devi Temple is located atop a hill in Badol Village in Bilaspur district, Himachal Pradesh, at a distance of 3 km from Gehrwin on the Gehrwin-Dhanathar Road. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Durga, extensively known as Badol Devi, the symbol of Shakti.
  • Gugga Gehrwin Temple: A temple dedicated to Gugga situated on the cliff near Gehrwin which is about 36  km ahead of Bilaspur.
  • Kandrour Bridge: A bridge located 8 kilometres from Bilaspur on National Highway No-88, across the river Satluj. Its construction was started in April 1959 and was completed in 1965. The total cost of construction came to Rs. 28,12,998. The span of the bridge is about 280 meters with a breadth of about seven meters and the height above the lowest river bed below is about 80 meters.The pillars supporting the bridge are hollowed. The bridge was opened by Shri Raj Bahadur, Minister of Transport in 1965.
  • Purnam Mall: Completed in 2017, this complex consists of a cineplex, multiple brand stores, restaurants and bar, shopping complexes like Vishal mega mart. Reliance digital, cleverly crafted ornaments and designs on walls and infrastructure to look at for tourists because of its location by National Highways.

​Shimla | Kullu |Manali | Dharamshala | Kangra | Mandi | Solan | Sirmaur | Una | Hamirpur | Bilaspur | Chamba | Chail | Mashobra 

INR 30,000
Destination Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Shimla

(Per day)

  • 1 Candid Photographer, 1 Cinematic videographer
  • 10 hours session per day


  • 40-50 edited pictures
  • 1 Pre wedding Video (upto 5 mins)
  • Save the date options(Still & video)
  • Travelling & Food of Team will be extra.
  • Location charges if any will be extra on actual.


Why choose us for your pre-wedding photoshoot?

We showcase your love story in a playful yet romantic way!

I'm Sandeep Director of Photography at Dreamwork Photography, our wedding photography studio provides

best pre wedding photoshoot package in Shimla, and anywhere in Himachal. Our office is Shimla Himachal Pradesh. From the first day of my existence, my life has been graphically portrayed by my father and my mother was in charge of organizing it chronologically into Albums. Always a camera in my life… I love my job, it is my passion… That is why I have become a storyteller.   Details, sensitivity and emotion… always with an artistic vision… Do you want me to count yours…?… I would love it !!…We not only possess great photography skills but also have the ability to bring out the story straight from fairytale. Not just the looks, we capture the feels!

Our pre-wedding photography services in Shimla and across the HImachal will ensure that you receive a gift of a lifetime, which you can cherish long after the wedding. 

​Best Pre Wedding Photographers in ​Shimla | Kullu |Manali | Dharamshala | Kangra | Mandi | Solan | Sirmaur | Una | Hamirpur | Bilaspur | Chamba | Chail 

Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh

INR 40,000

  • One Professional Candid Photographer
  • ​Cinematic Video (4-5 min Teaser)
  • One Prrofessional Cinematographer
  • Food & Travelling on Client
  • Drone Shots aren't included


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