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It doesn’t matter if you are doing special event photography of  your respective maternity clients in studio or outdoors, there are some all time favourite poses that can help you to add variety to the maternity session, focus on the bump, and make long lasting memories.

Posing also makes a big difference between an okay photo and a stupendous photo. Here are tips to help you achieve better maternity photos at your next maternity session.

1. Mom to be alone portrait

If you are photographing maternity clients, don’t forget to take solo photos of mom to be. Getting a good solid portrait of her embracing her bump is going to make for tender and meaningful photographs.

Different Posing techniques help her bringing more depth and warmth to the photograph. Try placing her at a 45-degree angle from you. This way, we are putting more focus on the bump. This will be helpful when the baby bump is small.

Ask mom to be to rub her tummy and talk to her baby.  If she is not comfortable in doing this, just have her smile while looking down at her bump. Have her think of baby. This will get more natural expressions in the portraits.

Take full length, mid-length, and up-close photos of her. Once you feel like you have taken enough solid portraits, experiment by placing flower, leaves, slate etc by placing near to tummy.

Asking for her to cross leg, ask her to keep one foot forward bend one leg can not only help to relax and shift the weight, but also add interesting lines leading to the belly, which is the focal point of the whole maternity photo shoot.

During her portrait session try and keep her hands moving as well as where she is looking.  Have her look at you, at her partner, down her shoulder, at her belly. 

Tip: When she looks at her belly, have her poke her neck out towards the camera and actually look at her feet. This will avoid getting double chins.

2. Dad With Belly
Just because the belly is centre of focus it doesn’t mean dad to be can’t be ignored to have him time in front of camera too. Have dad kneel and get close to the belly with both hands on each side. Have him talk, listen and kiss to the belly

Another maternity pose idea is to have dad to be stand half behind the mom and place his hands on her belly. Get in close so that you just get the hands. Take a photo dad in front and focus and  blur the mom to be.

Have him look at the camera and then down at the belly. If dad has a special request for a pose, do it. Letting them feel like a part of the maternity photography session is going to produce more intimate photos.

3. Props and Accessories
Maternity photography sessions are such a beautiful way to capture the parent’s excitement over meeting their baby soon. 

Props that can be used during maternity photoshoot are tiny shoes, slate, baby clothes, ultrasound. Take one where the shoes are on the floor next to their feet and take an up-close shot. Another maternity pose idea could be to hold the baby shoes at belly level and photograph up-close and mid-length.

Do not lay the mom down and place the letters on her bump. This will only make the belly look flat and awkward.
Instead, try to have them bring a sign with the name rather than individual letters or place the letters to the side and photograph them next to the belly or the couple.

4. Legs and Hands
Maternity photography is all about the belly and to make sure our focus stays on the belly and couple, hands and legs are great tools.

Place both hands below the belly, one above the belly and one below, one above and slightly to the side and the other opposite. Or just have your client rub her belly as she normally would if she were just standing alone.

Always keep fingers close together and hands are overlapping but not overwhelming the belly.

Have mom cross her legs so that you can add more lines toward the belly. This will add focus to the bump much more than if she were straight legged.

In other pose ideas, try to have her bend one leg at the knee so that it gives the same effect as well as give her more shape.

5. Building Poses

The great thing about posing maternity clients is that you can get various poses all without having to move your clients very much. Keeping your clients in one spot also allows your client to relax. It can be tiring to walk around a lot while being 8 months pregnant woman.

For example, start with the couple facing each other and with the outside hand embracing the belly. From there, you can ask your clients to look down, then look at each other, have the dad look at the belly and the mom at the camera, hug a little tighter, kiss, or hold hands.

Another example is having the dad behind the mom and with the hands close to the camera holding the bottom of the belly.

From there, you can have the dad kissing the mom on the temple while the mom is looking down, they can hold hands, or like the example, hold the props that they brought to the session. Use longer lenses to get close up shots and far away shots for variety.

For each variation, take about four to five so that you can ensure you got at least one great photo from each pose.

6. Don’t Forget to Play and Have Fun
Maternity sessions don’t have to be all tender and intimate moments, you can also ask your clients to have a little fun with it. If they’re up for it, have them walk around, dance, and enjoy the moment.

Ask them to talk with each other and have the mom say something nice to the dad and then vice versa. This usually causes many of those natural in-between expressions that make for great photos showcasing exactly who your clients are during this moment in their lives.

7. Keep Arms and Face Away From the Body
Maternity sessions usually take between the 7th and 9th month of pregnancy, where the mom’s belly is usually much rounder in shape. 
However, this also means that arms, legs, and face tend to swell as well, even just by walking a lot because of the excess water they are carrying around to help the baby grow and develop.

Keeping the face away from the neck by asking your client to push their chin toward the camera can help avoid squished necks and double chin.
Keeping the arms away from the body and bent can add shape and lines to the contour of the body as well as not make the arm seem fuller than it really is in real life.

Try and always find the most flattering angle and light so that they can embrace this beautiful phase of pregnancy.


Maternity sessions is a great way to begin a lasting relationship with clients so that they come back for the newborn session as well as all future special photography event.

These tips will help you to stay focused on the belly and couple all while allowing for variety and experimentation. Keep poses handy in you r phone and feel free to share with clients and ask them to share their favourite poses with you. So, you have an understanding about taste and kind of photo session your clients want.

keep body shapes in mind and plan your maternity shoot accordingly, and always give your clients a great experience!

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